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All about Nothing Phone: Display Specifications Leaked Online

Many smartphones make their way into the market with unique features. This is a complete attraction for the users as they want to keep on trying new and latest features that come on the market. With so many brands already existing in the market will keep on jumping from one brand to another. However, some people like to try new brands that we haven’t heard anything about. One of such brands is trying to make its way in the market  which is nothing phone

Then nothing phone is a technology start-up by the previous co-founder of OnePlus called pie. The company will be hosting a live went in London and will host live streaming for the same on his website.

Nothing phone is expected to be launched in India. The price will be set around Rs.24,999.

However, any official statements have not been drawn about the specifications or details of the mobile phone.

Before you decide to sell your broken phone And buy the new Nothing Phone, Let’s discuss the nothing phone one specifications which however the company has not officially launched date but the experts are predicting it and are all pointing towards the features of the mobile phone.



The phone is likely to feature a transparent design in which internal components of the phone will also be visible. The mobile phone and its design or something unique for the market



The Nothing phone will feature a 6.55 inches display, 1080X2400 pixels. The mobile phone also gives around 90 HZ display refresh rate with a punch hole.



The camera is about 50 megapixels +8 megapixels +2 megapixels as we see it is a triple rear setting on the camera part. The selfie camera is about 32 megapixels.

The features or enhancements in a Camera have HDR, panorama, AL photo announcement, an L video announcement, and dual who will view video. The mobile phone also has a flashlight of dual LED. The video recording capacity is 4K, 1080p, 720p. The front camera has a punch hole 32 megapixels wide-angle with screen flash. The rear camera has wide-angle plus ultra wide-angle plus monochrome with autofocus.



The mobile phone runs on android version 12.


The mobile phone is a dual SIM card phone. It supports 3G, 4G, VOLTE,  Wi-Fi



The smartphone is powered by a snapdragon 778G  octa-core 2.4 GHz processor.



Then nothing phone is expected to come with 8GB of RAM along with 128GB of internal storage.



The mobile phone has Accelerometer, electronic compass, Giro scope, ambient light sensor, SAR sensor, proximity sensor, and sensor core. It has a fingerprint sensor at the rear and a face unlock sensor as well.



It has a non-removable battery with a battery power capacity of 4500 MAH. Mobile phone how to support 45W fast charging.


Other information regarding the brand

The company has also mentioned that the supply chains might be claiming one supplier for your words. The company claims the phone has forged an even bigger challenge when it comes to the finding right supplier for the new design. The uniqueness of its translucent design is rushing up new skills in the market. Already a lot of android users are starting to be attracted to this brand. As the founder is also well known by the people because of the OnePlus brand which is a success. Many investors have invested in the nothing brand which belongs to the android community. All the capital lists have a lot of faith in the brand and the founder.


What about the maintenance services?

Then nothing phone is seeming to be loved by the users already. However, users also question the repair service or maintenance that the mobile phone will need. You can easily Repair mobile with websites at affordable prices. However, we cannot predict the problems. However, with proper maintenance service and repair, you can always maintain a mobile phone or any other device.



If you are thinking of switching to the Nothing mobile phone it can be a great choice. However, because the brand does not mention any kind of official date of the launch here you might not have the patience to wait. It might also be necessary for you to buy another mobile phone because of some issues that came of the day on the mobile phone. You can still look up exhausting options available in the market. The android mobile phones is a huge sector which has multiple brands and series of mobile phones under it. Therefore, making a decision is necessary when you decide to buy a mobile phone. Thorough research about a brand and a mobile phone along with its feature will help you to derive the perfect decision of buying a new mobile phone. You can also buy use or information mobile phones to be within budget and you’ll be able to enjoy those features.

08 Jul 2022

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What Is WIFI Calling and How Can You Use It

This might have happened with you or any of your friends or relatives that you were not able to reach because of network issues. While you are trying to place a call yet unable to connect with them because you do not have a network provided on your Sim Card.


Wi-Fi  Calling is a technology where the user doesn’t have to be in-network off cellular services as it can happen only through the Wi-Fi.  So even if you do not have that Network on your mobile phone, you can be connected to other people via Wi-Fi if you have us have a strong Wi-Fi connection.

Many people might have not called about it but we need to know that it is the future of calling. Wi-Fi calling is the most listened in areas which do not have a regular cellular network. One can fix the Wi-Fi India home, office or anywhere need to have a network on your cellular Sim card or even recharge it. You can just connect to the Wi-Fi password. Wi-Fi has become so popular now that they are not only available in personal spaces or offices but also in malls Airports or railway stations.


How much does it cost Wi-Fi call?

The best part about WIFI calling is that it does not cost even one penny to you while making calls specifically. Of course, one has to avail of a Wi-Fi plan suitable according to the requirements or needs. But this Wi-Fi plan can be carried throughout for every activity want to carry out on the internet. You can also browse the internet or do other various activities with the same Wi-Fi plan that you can use to make calls. Various plans are available according to the price and the speed limit and the usage limit of Wi-Fi or the internet. Wi-Fi calling is a free service no matter where you want to place a call. When you place a call from your carrier or operating Sim card you might be charged differently if you are calling in your region or if you’re calling out in a roaming region. But with Wi-Fi calling everything is the same. You can call anyone and anywhere at any time just for free.


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How can you use Wi-Fi calling?

There are various platforms and applications that help you to use Wi-Fi calling. WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and FaceTime if you are an iOS user. Wi-Fi calling has many advantages as you do not have to pay any additional cost to avail of the service of calling. It will help you to make free calls and the quality of calls will not be degraded at any point. All you need is a strong Wi-Fi connection. You can also make internet calls why are your cellular data Sim card but then high usage will be done on your limited internet package. Also, if you do not have a network on your cellular Sim card you do not place normal calls and also internet calls. That is why the Wi-Fi category has been considered a whole new category.


How can you enable Wi-Fi calling on your mobile phone?

It is very simple to enable Wi-Fi calling on your device. Whether you have an iOS device or Android device you can still use Wi-Fi calling on any of them. You must simply go to the settings menu and search for Wi-Fi. If you have Wi-Fi at home you must connect to it by finding it in the Wi-Fi section of your mobile phone. Once you have connected to your Wi-Fi by entering the required password you are all good to go. You must download any of the applications that will allow you to call or place calls. But it is also important that the contact number that you are trying to call must be on that same platform to receive calls from you. For example, if you are trying to make a call to someone from the application of WhatsApp, the other person must be present on WhatsApp otherwise they will not receive any of your calls.


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Drawbacks of Wi-Fi calling

There are unlimited or infinite advantages of Wi-Fi calling. But there might be some drawbacks two. Wi-Fi calling me not be available in all regions across the world. Every country has their own set of rules and restrictions. Some countries restrict Wi-Fi calling based on audio and video calls to protect the privacy of their citizens. Also, there is a huge disadvantage that many experts have stated that Wi-Fi calling is a complete threat to human health. The radiation coming out of the Wi-Fi sending out signals for calling leads to many health problems and hazardous effects on our neuropsychiatric system.


What is the future of Wi-Fi calling?

The future of Wi-Fi calling seems to be very bright. We might remember the days when we have we had to pay a large amount of money just to place a call and also to receive calls. Our carrier or operator service-based plans were too expensive. Today, things have improved and the plan that is provided by the carrier and operator companies has also improved and so we get to enjoy almost free calls for the package we avail of. However, the internet is yet limited for the day or month based on what kind of package you have chosen. However, if you have Wi-Fi installed at your home or office then you do not have to worry about it. Most the Wi-Fi plans are with unlimited usage and provide exclusive fast Speed for browsing the internet or even making calls. a few years ago Wi-Fi is on installed only in commercial spaces where many people work. Today each house has a Wi-Fi installed which is clearly stating the future of Wi-Fi calling. Billions of users are present on WhatsApp which is an application for calling, texting, video calling and so on. With so many platforms coming up and featuring the calling aspect, we can predict that people are going to shift to Wi-Fi calling within just no time.

12 Jun 2022

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Tempered Glass Vs. Plastic Screen Protectors: Which One Is Better

It is obvious that when we buy a new phone I want to keep it safe and sound. We try to avoid any type of scratches or dents and keep it very safely. The screen is the very sensitive part of the mobile phone that needs ultimate protection right from the day it is bought from the showroom till home. As dropping a mobile phone or dropping something on a mobile phone can cause severe damage to the screen if there is no protection on it. if at all you damage your screen or display directly, it will cost you almost half the price or even more than that if your smartphone gets repaired and replaced. Therefore, people choose to put on the tempered glass or plastic screen protectors on the screen of their mobile phones for protecting them in various situations


What is tempered glass?

Tempered glass is also known as a toughened glass witches comparatively four times stronger than a normal class. It goes through a process known as Tempering that forces the outer surface with compression and the inner surface with tension. this type of glass is made especially for the display of your mobile phone so that when you drop your mobile phone from your hands while losing the group, you do not hurt the display.   


What is a plastic screen protector?

plastic screen protectors are always made of a plastic or acrylic surface and covered with a thin matte coating of plastic. Plastic screen protectors will always protect your phone from bacteria, fungi or any kind of scratches and dents. However, it might not provide full protection and a display can be damaged if the drop is too hard on the phone.


It is true that plastic screen protectors have been existing in the market for a long period of time. However, people have adapted to new and advanced technologies and similarly, they have switched from plastic screen protectors to tempered glass. of course, your choices can differ and have other benefits but through the little research we have done on the mentioned points below you can totally identify that tempered glass will always seem to be a better option.


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Comparative factors of tempered glass and plastic screen protectors: -



Plastic screen protectors will always be cheaper or less expensive compared to tempered glass. As a plastic products will always be less price than last. However, the quality of both classes can differ in each of the categories.


Life span

The lifespan of your tempered glass can be much more than your screen protector. As plastic is broken more easily than tempered glass as they are very thick.



A plastic screen protector also seems great but glass will always give you a smooth feel as normal glass. Sometimes you won’t even feel that you have something on your original screen. Also, we have to keep in mind that both of these screen protectors are broken and must be changed as they can hurt our fingers while using the phone.



The Plastic protection Will have a simple look on the mobile phone but it can be identified that something is applied on the top of the screen of the mobile phone. Whereas this is different with tempered glass as if you get the right fit you can’t even make out the difference between the original display and tempered glass.


Application of the product

Both of the categories whether it is plastic screen protection or tempered glass have many other categories under each them. So, it completely depends upon what kind of tempered glass or plastic protector you used. Though, both of the protectors must be applied with ultimate care the screen of the smartphone must be clean before the application of the product.



We need to understand that plastic screen protectors or even-tempered glass will always provide us and our mobile phones with protection. Though, completely depends on your budget and your choices and the feel of what you like when choosing between them. However, both of them have their own pros and cons when it comes to usage in the long run. though, people would far be going for a tempered glass at least the basic one in the medium because it is a long-lasting product and will always protect your screen from Hard damage.

15 May 2022

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Samsung Galaxy M53 5G to be launched in India on April 22

Features and other details


It is nothing new to notice that Samsung keeps on adding to their series of smartphones each year. With multiple lines of series and aiming at low as well as high budget mobile phones, it has been always on the top of the list of trending smartphones.


Samsung galaxy M535G has been all set to be launched in India. It is also mentioned that the mobile phone will be launched globally in the market. The expected date of the launch is April 20. The Samsung Galaxy M53 Has been revealed by the company through a teaser on Amazon. The phone is never done globally. Samsung is now failed to provide with the demands of its customers and also surprise them.



Features of Samsung Galaxy M53 5G


Samsung always launches mobile phones with incredible features and Samsung Galaxy M53 is also one of these. The mobile phone features a 108-megapixel primary rear camera. The best part is also about the display as it has a 120HZ Super AMOLED plus display. The device will feature infinity or display with gorilla glass five protection. This enhances the content look of the smartphone and provides a bright and clear viewing experience. The display is designed with a whole bunch of designs which gives a different look to the whole mobile phone. The phone is believed to be the successor to the Samsung Galaxy M52 5G which was launched last year in India. The galaxy M525G had triple rear cameras and a 120HZ display as well. The Samsung galaxy M535G is short to be launched in India this month.



What is the price estimated for the Samsung Galaxy M53 5G?


However, the price of the mobile phone has yet not been officially discussed. Experts predict that the pricing might be the same as the Samsung Galaxy M52 5G which was launched last year. It may be also a little higher than the previous series as it is the latest smartphone with the latest features. The Samsung Galaxy M52 5G however was launched officially for Rs.29,999 for the basic model. The basic model features 6GB ram along with 128GB storage. The other option available was a variant that features 8GB ram along with 128GB storage which was priced at around Rs.31,999.




What will be the RAM and storage options available on the Samsung Galaxy M53 5G?


The Samsung Galaxy M53 5G will also have 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. The company has also mentioned that it will have other variants of options available as well. The price of each variant of the mobile phone will differ depending upon the choice of the RAM and storage space picked by each user. However, the company has not yet revealed what other variants will be launched in the market. As it is mentioned that the Samsung Galaxy M53 will have other variants of storage as well, yet it will give the user the liberty of storage expansion up to 1 TB using a microSD card.


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Other specifications Of the Samsung Galaxy M53 5G 


The mobile phone will be powered by an octa-core SOC which is not yet mentioned of which power will it be. The camera setup is upgraded as per its previous series. The mobile phone will run on android 12 based on one UI 4.1. The Samsung galaxy M535G will have a quad rear camera setup along with 108 megapixels of primary sensor followed by an 8-megapixel ultra-wide shooter followed by a two-megapixel depth sensor and a two-megapixel macro shooter. The mobile phone will have a 32-megapixel front camera for selfies and the best video chats. The Samsung Galaxy M53 will also come with features like video call feature, photo remaster features and an object eraser. The video call effect lets you choose the background of your choice from the options available. The photo remaster feature will let the users bring new additions to their old or low-quality photos.


Samsung Galaxy M53 5G Will come along with the new Auto data switching feature. With the help of this feature, Customers can easily stay connected. If at all their primary Sim card uses a network of Bro comes up with any issues, another benefit with the mobile phone users will be that they can use your secondary Sim card without any issues for calls and also data browsing.



Other connectivity options and sensors available on the Samsung Galaxy M53 5G


Other connectivity options that will be available on the Samsung galaxy M535G will be services of 5G, 4G LTE, and Wi-Fi. Bluetooth options will also be available with 5.2, GPS, and USB type C ports will be supported. Other connectivity and sensor options available on the mobile phone will be an accelerometer, ambient light sensor, gyroscope, magnetometer, proximity sensor, and fingerprint sensor for security purposes. The fingerprint sensor will mostly be on the side of the mobile phone. The Samsung galaxy M535G will be powered by a battery capacity of 5000 MAH. The mobile phone will also support 25W fast charging. Considering the whole size and weight of the mobile phone it will weigh around 176 g as a whole mobile phone.


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According to the news and notable official listings, Samsung will launch the Galaxy M53 5G on April 22 at noon. However, the next generation Galaxy M53 smartphone was already listed on Samsung‘s press website. This listing did never reveal any of the details of the mobile phone. As no one knows what will be the pricing or the availability of the device or the perfect launch date according to this website. But now Samsung the listing on the Samsung India website and Amazon India have confirmed that the galaxy M53 5G will be launched on April 22 in India.         


If the price of the mobile phone will be around what is mentioned here it is going to be quite an interesting device in the market right now. As mobile phones under this budget are quickly sold as they come along with so many features and why a reputed well-known brand. Other features are yet awaited with the launch of the Samsung galaxy M5 5G.

19 Apr 2022

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How to contribute used mobiles to poor school children

Smartphones have become a significant part of our life’s functional values. The need for smartphone has become endless as it serves various purposes. However, it is quite unfortunate to see that not each individual who needs access to the smartphone has the access to it. we might certainly ignore this issue in the present but there are many ways that it could lead to bigger issues in the future.


There is no age by when it comes to the smartphone graph but yet it is hard to say that not everyone uses it the same way it has to be done. The digital learning and educating methods have definitely evolved life and the lives of children and the coming generations. The technology is advanced it is indeed necessary for the coming generations to know about technology more and more and switch to the digital methods of learning. Unfortunately, it is not possible for each and every child across the nation to be able to afford a smartphone for their study purposes or any other activities. Though, it certainly doesn’t change the fact that they really need access to smartphones and the internet to keep on continuing the process of learning and educating themselves.


Our old smartphones can be certainly of no use for us but they can help a child to have a brighter future. Right after we see that our new favorite mobile phone has launched in the market, we probably think of getting rid of our old mobile phone. After using it for years we totally lose its value at a point when we switch to another Smartphone. That is why most of the used mobile phones nearly end up in the garbage every time. What we do not realize is that these smartphones are made up of lithium batteries that constitute a real-life hazard if not disposed of or used properly. There are many circumstances where people have reported that they can even explode if not handled with care. Therefore, it is always advised that if one is not using their cell phones it must be used for a better Cause.


Here’s must consider donating your part in helping the poor school children get access to the technology: -


Technology is all around us each day. Studies have also shown that having access to technology helps children to learn how to multitask and interact more precisely.


There are Approx 472 million children in India today. Plenty of these children is still unable to go to school and do not get proper nutrition or healthcare. This results in vulnerability to abuse and exploitation of their life. In such situations, it is hardly possible to get access to proper technology and be able to afford a smartphone when there is a basic survival crisis.

Therefore, it is somewhere a responsibility to give a thought about these children and their needs keeping in mind the future of our nation and the coming generations.


  • The pandemic after effects


The pandemic has left each one of us some steps behind in our program. But there are many people out there who are even struggling to make their survive. In this case, the children of such families suffer and have to stop receiving education as all the schools and colleges have turned to digital mediums. The lectures and online classes are conducted via smartphones or laptops which is a huge problem for children of underprivileged families. Hence, deciding to donate your phone might not only be helpful for the child at the moment but also decide their future.


In short, the pandemic has led to the biggest ever global education emergency which might happen once in several generations. The long down all over the nation and all around the globe forced people to turn to digital methods. The virus might have restricted itself because of the social distancing norms but it has put down at least 91% of students and their future is addressed. The worst part is that the underprivileged and people who have less income analyze children are at the highest risk as they might never even receive the set of education they must in their age. This puts the future of a nation at risk. The government of a nation spends about 3% of the whole national lost income on education. no, only half the population has access to the internet and this creates another issue.



Here’s how you can donate your old mobile phones and reach out to give underprivileged children?


The internet is the door to all our questions and problems. We can easily find many websites

 and organizations that accept old mobile phones as a form of donation or charity. These organizations make sure that these all-mobile phones that you donate reach out to underprivileged children.


However, it might sometimes be difficult to reach out to these children might be a lengthy procedure. Also, many times your old mobile phone might not be in the condition that someone else will be able to use it. In such tuition, the best option that you can go for is to sell the used phone for cash.



Ways that selling old mobile phones help these children: -


Old mobile phone is worth more than you even think of it. Sometimes you might think that it has become completely outdated and is of no use. But it is highly possible that it has much more potential than you even realize. Your old smartphone may not be any important for you but by selling it you can definitely earn some amount which can be used against the underprivileged children and their technological resources.


With multiple websites online which will help you sell your old mobile phones, we have picked the best website for you. Quick Mobile is a website that will help you sell used mobile phones online.


Quick Mobile serves customers all across the nation and has been in the business for a while. This helps to get great exposure for your old mobile phone and becomes easy to cell phone online. With many other benefits that are added when you register with Quick Mobile, it becomes even more of an interesting process. Quick Mobile looks forward to providing maximum satisfaction and ease of the procedure while customers sell old mobile phones with the website.



The experts on board were professionally trained in this field and have immense knowledge regarding the technology sector will help to derive the accurate pricing of your old mobile phone. You will be also given a chance to place a quotation for your old mobile phone so that if you think your mobile phone deserves a certain amount you can simply mention it. other benefits that help the customers to operate all of this procedure right from wherever they are. Quick Mobile sell helps you with doorstep pick-up service and will help you locate around which stores that are nearby you. You do not even have to worry about which brand of mobile phone you are on or what model it is. Quick Mobile deals with the maximum number of foreign as well as Indian brands. So even if you are an android user or iOS user you can anytime contact Quick Mobile and move forward towards the goal of helping these children all across the nation.

18 Mar 2022

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How to retrieve old phone data which is stolen

We carry our mobile phones with us no matter where we go for work or for a vacation. Traveling to several places with a mobile phone can be risky like in public places of public transport as there are many pocket pickers who can have your mobile phone stolen. You could also at times leave behind your smartphone in transport and never find it back. In these times, of course, there is a lot of issues as you have lost your mobile phone and it is a loss. The bigger issue also seems with the data in the contacts that were on your smartphone. Whether your phone is stolen or not but losing data from my mobile phone can you just ruin your day? However, you can still recover your number from the operator you are using but there could be some conditions while you want to recover the data from your stolen mobile phone.



Can you retrieve data from stolen old phone?


Thanks to modern-day technology which has come up with so many backup options that help us to keep up with our things. The good news is you can still get the backup of your data that has been on your Google Drive and if you have cared enough to back it up in it.


Though, technology is touching heights but yet there is definite technology that will help you to get each and every piece of data on your smartphone that has been stolen. All you can get a backup of is the data that is in your cloud memory or Google memory by logging in to that account. However, you still need to set the backup time to time so that on a regular basis your phone is backing up of all this data.


However, there are some steps you should keep in mind and take into consideration while you lose your smartphone or it is stolen.


  • Lock or erase your device immediately

The very important step that you must follow as soon as you realize that your phone is missing or is been stolen from you is to lock your device. Locking or erasing your device can be done by logging into your Gmail account from any other device. In this way, you will at least make sure that the person who receives your mobile phone cannot get through your personal data even if they try to break into your mobile phone. By locking your device or restricting activities on your mobile phone until certain passcode has been put in it. There is also the option of raising the date on your device that you can do from your account settings if you remember your google credentials.


  • Contact your Sim card operator

To make sure that no one miss uses your contact number it is important for you to contact your Sim card operator service. You can easily contact your Sim card provider or a cellular provider from their toll-free helpline number. We can also visit the service center if it is nearby. You can inform about your device being missing for a while and get your number locked. There are also chances that someone can make wrong use of your mobile phone and your contact number if they get it. Therefore, it is always good to inform the operator. You can get the number in the new Sim card Once you block the previous one.  


  • Change password/logout of devices

We have multiple applications on a mobile phone relating to work or social media. We always keep our account signed in this application so that we do not have to go through a process all over again. You must want to log in to these accounts from another device in hand with you and change all your passwords or use the option of logout from all devices. Whenever you change your password from these applications you also have the option of logging out from the device you are signing in and other devices in which your account is still logged in.

You might also want to change the password of your banking application or any UPI transactions that you make. As there are also UPI and other online payment applications on your smartphone which are always logged in.



How to Retrieve the backup stored in an android mobile phone?


  Enable sync and backups in Android
1. Go to Settings > Accounts > Google.
2. Select the account you want to back up.
3. Select Gmail > Contacts > Calendar.
4. Go to Settings > Backup > reset.
5. Select Back up my data.

If you want to backup images, videos, music, and other data you can set up sync to Google Drive. You have 15GB of space by default and can buy more if you wish.

1. You need to download and install the Google Drive application
2. Once the download is completed, Open Google Drive and select the three menu lines in the top left.
3. Scroll down to Settings

4. Choose how, what, where, and when your phone backs up to Google Drive.


We carry our smartphones everywhere we go and have so much data on them. Photos, files, documents, audios, contacts, and many more things that we want to keep safe. That is why it is always advised that you keep another backup device with all the data on it. Normally, people use a hard disk or a PC, computer, laptop, or NSD card which will help them to back up the data that is important to them. In such cases when you even lose your smartphone you can still have a backup of this data on another device or SD card. As Google Drive also has a limit of 15 GB and the rest is available only if the amount is paid. 15 GB can sometimes be insufficient for the amount of data you have on your smartphone. Therefore, it might fail to back up all the data that you’re looking forward to seeing and receiving from the backup.

11 Mar 2022

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Best Websites and Apps to Translate from English to Hindi

Hindi is a language that is widely spoken all across the nation. Hindi is a language that binds us all together as the people of India. However, sometimes it could be hard to find some content in Hindi directly and you might want a translator which will translate from other languages. Widely used languages like English to Hindi whichever content you need to be translated. The translation may also change the whole meaning of the sentence if it is not translated correctly. As a result, a good translation website is always suggested for use.

Most content that people found to translate in Hindi is from English as most of the text on the internet or any other files and documents is always mentioned in English as it is a universal language. The following mentioned websites and applications are some of the most helpful websites that will help us translate your content accurately.

1. Google Translate

Google translate is one of the most accessible translating websites available for each one of us on the internet. As when you type in the search bar there is something Google will do easily just like another Google search. One Can also speak out the words and let the Google website help you to translate. Also, to know the proper pronunciation of any specific word you can press the speaker button that appears when you search for the translation as Google will also speak it out for you with the proper pronunciation of the word

The application is available both on the play store and the app store. The application also enables users to instantly translate from the camera by simply pointing the camera to the text.

2. Translate

Translate is just another translating website available on the internet with the feature of translating from one language to another. The only difference that appears to be here is that only the first words get translated checked with this site. After a specified number of words, the user must pay a subscription fee to continue the translation process.

3. Easy Hindi Typing

Easy Hindi typing is one of the most popular sites for the process of switching from Hindi to English or any other language. This app includes numerous Indian languages and dialects like Gujarati, Punjabi, Tamil, and so forth.

All Indian languages are available with the Easy Hindi Typing site in order to translate Hindi to any other Indian regional language may be easier with this site. The website has a specialized keyboard for the website the purpose of translation and also videos to help the user guide understand how to use the website and how does the process of translation works.

The easy Hindi typing application Is available on the play store for android users. The application also provides its users with a specialized Hindi keypad.

4. LingwaNex

Lingwa Nex Is yet another translation platform from Hindi to English or vice versa. This website stands out from all because it has the functionality to translate up to 10,000 words at once with ease. It provides with an option to know the meaning of the translated sentence which can also be done with the help of an audio option in which you can speak of something and it will be translated easily. There is also an option for switching to different types of languages that you want to translate.

5. Microsoft translator

Microsoft’s translator is an application that is easily available on the App Store as well as play store so that android, as well as iOS users, can use it all free of cost. Though it might have limited options of languages which is up to 60 languages to be translated from it also provides you with another benefit that is off-line work so that you can translate whatever you want even while being off-line. The application also provides a unique feature of translating conversations that take place in life so that it becomes easier to communicate in different languages with people. The app also has an option for all the net translations where you can also know the pronunciation of each word or sentence that you have translated.

The most convenient means to translate the content will always be the Google translator. While you are connected to the Internet you just have to open Google and type what you need to translate into any language throughout the world. Other website applications may have some limitations or restrictions, but Google Translator will still have broader options.

The application is available on the App Store and Play Store as well. It provides you with an option to register some offline languages while traveling.

IOS USERS can also order their iWatch for instant translation through the application. With a browser-based translator extension, users can translate an entire website to browse.

14 Feb 2022

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Best Netflix shows

Netflix has been one of the most entertaining platforms especially after the pandemic as people while being at home keep your self engaged with the content on Netflix. Many reports also say that maximum Netflix subscriptions have been sold during the pandemic all around the globe. There are thousands of shows and movies available on Netflix new and even the old ones which people used to watch as TV shows.


Breaking bad

Created by: Vince Gilligan
Cast: Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn, Aaron Paul, RJ Mitte, Giancarlo Esposito


Breaking bad has been in the talk as many people will suggest you to watch it. Though, some may not like it because of its slow ascent but moving further to the later seasons and episodes you are definitely going to love how the show puts in all the twists and turns.



Schitts creek

Created by: Eugene Levy, Daniel Levy
Cast: Eugene Levy, Daniel Levy, Catherine O’Hara, Annie Murphy, Emily Hampshire, Noah Reid, Jenn Robertson, Chris Elliott


It might seem a little boring if we termed as a family comedy drama as not most of the shows can make this Donner an interesting one. But Schitt’s Creek is different from all and having focused on the roses that’s a family of four people it’s great to see right from the start how their life take a turn while they have to make a major lifestyle change. Schitt’s Creek and its story also rotates around the motel which is in the shits creek town. Overall the show has a great storyline and actors are best to along with the silent comedy with the help of the dialogues that have been designed is the perfect show to watch and have a great laugh.



The Good place

Created by: Michael Schur
Cast: Kristen Bell, Ted Danson, D’Arcy Carden, William Jackson Harper


If you are a fan of fiction you will definitely be a fan of this show the good place. The good Place shows what happens after the death of a person in a humorous and a fictional way. With the world is divided in two parts that is the good place and the other one being the bad place as the people who have done good deeds will go to the good place and the people who have been bad will be sent to the bad place. The story starts with the protagonist that is Eleanor reaching to the good place by mistake as she hasn’t done quite a lot of good deeds while her life on earth.         



The Queens gambit

Created by: Scott Frank, Allan Scott
Cast: Anya Taylor-Joy, Bill Camp, Moses Ingram, Marielle Heller, Harry Melling, Thomas Brodie-Sangster


It would be surprising for some people to know that queens gambit is one of the top shows to watch on Netflix as it involves a great part of your attention and how your interest can grow in the game of chess. The Queen‘s gambit is all about chess and its rules and how Beth a small girl grows up to be one of the best chess players. However, she has to face a lot of huge problems while reaching to that spot but yet she never loses Ho. The show can become a little slow moving in the later episodes but it is surely interesting if You hold off till the end.



Sex  education

Created by: Laurie Nunn
Cast: Asa Butterfield, Gillian Anderson, Ncuti Gatwa, Emma Mackey, Connor Swindells


Sex education is one of the most watch content on Netflix as it has a lot of things about to educate the teenage plan or even the young adults. It’s a little dramedy with a great storyline and the best of actors in it. It starts with a guy that is the protagonist Otis and how he learns about sex Ed from his mother who is a sex therapist. What is further falls in love with Maeve and also shares a relationship with Ruby and that’s how the story unveils slowly.         


Stranger things


Created by: The Duffer Brothers
Cast: Winona Ryder, David Harbour, Finn Wolfhard, Millie Bobby Brown, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Natalia Dyer, Charlie Heaton, Cara Buono, Matthew Modine


If you are a fan of horror shows with a twist of monsters you must definitely watch stranger things. It’s a scary show though it doesn’t include any ghosts or paranormal activities but a science lab experiment that goes wrong and there are monsters all around on the planet. The best part is it is all lived and handled by the kids on the show who are the stars. We cannot justify what happens at the end of the show yet as there is another season coming very soon in the year 2022.

11 Feb 2022

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Best gaming phones

With the latest added features in the newest smartphones, one of the most highlighted features that people focus on is all the gaming smartphones and their features. There are many gamers merging through high graphic games on smartphones as the smartphones are capable of running HD games which are really high in storage but yet managed to function properly because of the unique feature of the smartphone. As a gamer focusing on the right mobile phone for one use may be difficult as they can also be the costly ones in the market. Choosing the right gaming mobiles could be tricky but along with the below-mentioned list might be to spot the features and differentiate the features according to an individual need:


Here are some of the smartphones which are mostly bought by popular gamers:


1. Vivo V20


With a display featured by Vivo V20 of 6.44 inches and a battery power capacity of 4000 MAH, no one can doubt the phone's capacity for long hours of game sessions. With the RAM of 8GB and the storage capacity of 256GB, you can store a great number of games without any lagging. Also, being Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G octa-core processor, the Vivo V20 smartphone doubles up as an excellent gaming device.


2. One Plus 8T


The OnePlus 8T features the Adreno 650 GPU, which elevates the gaming experience of a user to the next level.

With a display of 6.5 inches and a high refresh rate of 120 HZ, the whole view of each game is astonishing. Added with a battery power capacity of 4500 MAH the phone doesn’t add a lot more to the gaming experience of a user. Also, The snapdragon 865 processor runs totally smoothly.


3. iPhone 12 Pro


With a 6.1 inch display which is quite big enough for a great experience while playing games, the iPhone 12 pro makes it one of the top gaming phones. The iPhone 12 Pro has 6GB ram and storage space options starting from 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB which is quite great enough for storing high GB games.  




Gaming phones under 15000:


1. Xiaomi Redmi Note  10S


The display of 6.43 inches AMOLED screen is big enough to experience high-quality HD games with a great viewing experience. Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 S Features a chipset of MediaTek helio G95 octa-core 8. It has a battery power capacity of 5000 MAH that can hold up to are the hours of uninterrupted gaming sessions. With a RAM of 6GB and internal memory of 128GB which is expandable up to 512GB via microSD card to be a great source of storage for multiple games at a time.           


2. Real Me 7


Another budget-friendly gaming mobile phone is the real me 7 Which features a 6.5 inches display. With a fast-charging speed and a battery power capacity of 5000 MAH, it surely lasts more than 24 hours. With running games like Subway surfers, Temple runs two high graphic games like Call of Duty and PubG it surely promises an unbeatable performance in the whole gaming factor and a great smartphone for gaming under the given price.



3. Poco M3


The most interesting part about Poco M3 is its battery power capacity of 6000 MAH which is quite a lot to be offered under the Rs.15,000 budget of a smartphone. The performance all over is incredible with the processor of octa-core QUALCOMM snapdragon 662 system and chip with a refresh rate of 60 HZ. So the features definitely define why gaming enthusiasts will always choose Poco M3 as a gaming device. Poco X3 is another great gaming smartphone if you can increase your budget a little as it offers a more powerful chipset. So M3 still offers a great RAM of 6GB or its price.        



Other gaming accessories:


Adding to a great gaming experience there are many more things that could be added such as giving accessories that could include gaming headphones, gaming mike, or gaming tools that will add up to enhancements of your experience with the games on your smartphone as both viewing and sound quality will definitely be incredible.

However, you can also opt for buying and selling old mobile phones or refurbished smartphones to be more on budget and yet get all the experience that you need



20 Jan 2022

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Why You Should Buy Second Hand Mobile Phones

We all want to buy a new mobile phone after a while when we are done with using it and it turns to a whole new category that is second-hand mobile phones. Today second-hand mobile phones have a whole new market for them. Buying and selling second-hand mobile phones have become another way of earning for people. Now, how did this market emerge into such a huge marketplace which doesn't leave you behind just with a new phone but also good profit margins? 

This category of mobile phones has taken over not only the offline market but also the online markets today. Hence, we have several reasons that you might look up to and buy or sell a second mobile phone


1. Money Saving Options 


Finding a second-hand mobile phone will make you save a lot of money in all the factors as second-hand mobile phones are any time lesser priced than the brand-new ones as they are used for a certain time and the value of electronic devices depreciates over time but saves a lot of money if you’re looking forward to buying a second-hand mobile phone. 


2. Huge Variety/Choice Section


While a new mobile phone that is just launched will have its options limited and any model that is launched under the brand will also have limited options but it is not the same with second-hand mobile phones you have a wide variety of choices to look back on to when you go for choosing a second-hand mobile phone involving different brands and the ample of models that have been launched over and over for years and years. You can choose anyone that you want from this set of variety of Brands and the models under it.


3. Environment friendly 


The environmental factor is again a plus one with second-hand mobile phones. A second-hand mobile phone would be a complete waste in the environment that cannot even be destroyed completely for hundreds of years but by buying a secondhand mobile phone, you are contributing towards the environment on a big part because there are so many secondhand mobile phones that come up literally every day and no one looks forward to buying them. By purchasing a second mobile phone you can always do your part in saving the environment and also being and profit for yourself


4. No risk factors


No risk factor means that there are no risk properties when you buy a second mobile phone. For example, if you are buying it and it falls down or damages the maintenance on the repair would cost you less than what it would cost for a brand-new mobile phone. You can always make use of the second mobile phone for rough uses also.  


5. Untouched features


Now when you come to the features of a second mobile phone, they are completely the same as they were when the phone was brand-new. The phone and its features don’t age over time or it won’t even change with any period of time you can just keep on using it for years and years but yet the features will be untouched that is, they will remain the same it won’t be affected no matter how the phone is damaged or how much it is used. Consider this as a plus point and buy or sell second-hand mobile phones as you can still enjoy the features of the mobile phone even after it has been used for a long period of time. One might have a hard time searching for the perfect secondhand mobile phone as it has to be dealt with a lot of different factors to identify a genuine and a good second-hand mobile phone.

Therefore, you can browse through the internet and connect with online websites that will help you buy second-hand mobile phones.

02 Jan 2022

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Reduce Waste: Find Another Home for Your Old Smartphone

The smartphone you are holding today is probably going to be somewhere else by next year when you see the newest smartphone launched and grab your hands on the upgraded version of it. If you notice, the same thing would have happened with your previous mobile phone when you got your current smartphone and this cycle of switching to new mobile phones is never going to end. Have you ever wondered that where do all of these phones go and what might be happening with them? This phone will just end up being a waste If nobody is willing to use them causing e-waste and adding up to global warming which is not suitable for the environment in the long run. Therefore, there is a better way to reduce waste by finding your old smartphone the right place to be.


What are the ways that you can make the use of your old smartphone benefiting yourself?

As well as the environment?


There are ample slogans that you might read out on the internet about reuse and recycle but the real question is do we even get to the end of it? Rather than promising and planning on bigger plans which can never be executed why not start from the small steps. We can simply start off by selling our smartphones to sellers even online who are willing to buy used and refurbished smartphones as they can make it even better and sell them for a greater price benefiting you and others, as well as there, are a lot of people who look forward to buying used smartphones.


There are many phone sellers online who aim at bikes and selling used mobile phones in return for something that will also benefit the customers.


The aim of these businesses is to make a profit only out of serving the environment by buying and selling used smartphones and their parts or accessories. In this way, you benefit yourself as well as the seller and someone else who wants to buy secondhand mobile phones giving a thought to the environment. There are also many plans when it comes to the exchange and trade-in offers of smartphones and so you can still trade a smartphone for another smartphone of the choice.   


While you have the thought that what can happen with your gadget if it does not fit the views or trade-in category, it can still be used for its working or undamaged parts, and even if that isn’t available it can still be recycled and used for something better. So, there is probably zero way of your old smartphone not being of use. 




While buying a refurbished or use mobile phone completely depends on an individual‘s choice, selling your old or secondhand smartphone must be the only option. Doing this will benefit you as well as the environment and also someone else who is in need of a second and smartphone. 


So even if you think that your smartphone is of completely no use it still can be made Used in some way and for that, you will need the right place which will help you out to know the full potential of your old smartphone. Many online verified sources such as Quick Mobile will guide you through the process of buying and selling used smartphones which will make sure that you don’t put your used smartphone to waste but make some profit out of it as it benefits you as well environment. Quick mobile buys and sells used mobile phones for the best price possible according to the market. Quick Mobile also deals with a variety of brands all across the nation and with its experts on board it is able to even serve you better with each little detail of any mobile phone that you get to the company or choose from here. 

02 Jan 2022

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How to Find and Delete Old Online Accounts

We use and create ample accounts on the internet especially since social media came in. It could be tricky to remember the password to all of these accounts and so mostly people prefer having the same password for multiple accounts which is clearly not safe as it is an easy way to get access to all of your data if someone tried to hack even one single account that belongs to you.

 When you have many accounts there are high chances you could have many other accounts Just there on the internet which you might not even be using anymore. Leaving this account just there without care is risky as your online or social media accounts will mostly have a huge part of your personal data which could be confidential and leaving it around on the internet will nearly be an invitation to hackers to get access to it and this is one of the big reasons you need to find those old accounts you created and delete them right away.


Ways to find your old accounts on the internet: -


As these accounts are old enough there are high chances you might have forgotten the password and that could be one of the reasons you aren’t using it anymore. There are some ways to identify it through the following points: -

  • Search on social media


While we sign up for creating a completely new account online there are times when we can easily sign up using our other accounts on Facebook, Twitter or even Gmail. It comes the process of signing up even faster aa all of your data is collected from the specific account you have chosen. You could look up details in any of these accounts which you are already using to find out if you have any traces to log back into any of your older accounts. 


  • Search your email


If you are still having access to any of your old emails, it will be helpful to find your old accounts. You can also search simply by typing the email and looking if the search is able to identify your email or locate it with any on the existing accounts. If this helps, you’ll be all set to locate your old account in a few minutes.


  • Look in to your password manager 


As we are so used to using multiple accounts and it is surely a problem to remember the password to all of the accounts, there are applications available or even some smartphones might have inbuilt Features which can help to save or remember your password to each account. Password manager is a popular way to work for this purpose. You can have many passwords saved even if you are using any of the accounts through the browser. 


  • Visit some search websites 


There are websites like have I been pawned? Which will help you to know if any of these accounts belonging to your email is at breach. The website will guide you to show if your email or account has been part of any leaks as such. Some old accounts can also show up which you might not even remember and may also show up some leaks which contains your data.


Ways to delete your old accounts online: -


If you are signing in to your old account after a long time, there are chances that your account was already deleted by the website because of being inactive. However, if it still exists you could try the following steps to delete it: -


  • The support page of the website on which you created your account might also be able to help and guide you throughout the process of deleting it.
  • You can use Google or DuckDuckGo and its services which have an option for deleting your account.
  • Websites such as JustDelete.me will also help you to delete your database belonging to online accounts.


You can also contact the support of the website you created your account on through email or any other methods mentioned on their website and ask them to delete your old accounts.

16 Nov 2021

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Why is Instagram down

The popular social media application that we keep on scrolling all day long that is Instagram is down for a few hours. Users have been restless since they have not been able to send messages or receive any DM. Instagram DM is not working for its users. Instagram never faces such a long buffer of servers going down. However, people have been reloading and re-logging into the application to make sure that nothing is wrong with your devices. When we will also uninstall and install the application again on the device to see if there was something wrong with the update.


Addressing the issue

Based on multiple reviews and user reports Instagram feed is not working across various social media platforms. Other social media platforms remain unaffected but along with Instagram, even  Facebook Messenger is experiencing a strange issue. The problem is stated that messages go missing to users as soon as they get sent. The trouble with the inbox has been going on for more than 12 hours yet there have been no solutions coming up by the company.

The issue was also recorded by DownDetector, an independent outage monitor, which noticed huge spikes for Instagram since last night. The Instagram issue appears to be experienced all across regions and has troubled users all over the world. DownDetector has also registered similar issues with Facebook Messenger.

Down detector claims that it registered complaints right after 8 PM on fifth July onwards. The complaint reports started to pick up around 11 PM and increased even more after 12. The situation was getting out of hand as people were enraged by the problem that Instagram was facing. The reports have again been touching the sky High tag today morning.

The Instagram problem is being looked after by the official team of Instagram. However, it might take a few hours to fix the problem. This might probably be a bug or system fixing which will be fixed by the Instagram update provided by the company. 


Other issues

People have been complaining about their Instagram messages disappearing once they get notified about any message. Many people do not even get notified about receiving a message but the message is showing as sent from the sender. However, switching off my mobile phone and switching it on will not fix this issue. Neither will the re-installing app help you in any way.

Many people have also said that only the messages and conversations part is creating the problem in their Instagram profiles. Other features such as the feed and story uploads or post uploads have been working perfectly well for the last few hours. It is expected that the issues will be fixed as complaints are increasing every hour of the day. This is probably a glitch which is reported while browsing the field and experienced by the user. As we know that Instagram is just another platform where hashtags go viral just in a few minutes, the #InstagramDown also started to come in the trending of the day.

Not only on Instagram but also on other platforms that as Twitter and Facebook or trending with the hashtag relating to Instagram. Instagram is still unable to figure out the cause of this issue. It has not promised any permanent fixation or timing that will be provided with the solution. However, they have mentioned that they have been working to fix the issue through and through.



Instagram is a globally used social media platform. Not only it is used for entertainment but it is also income source for money bloggers or personalities. Sooner or later it will be fixed but right now we will have to maintain the patience. However, we still have the support of other social media applications on the other side.

It has to be noted that this is not any  Instagram login issue but the server issue. It might take a while to be fixed but it can be expected to be fixed with the newest update that will be provided. This will not create any other problems as of now on the application. People can use their Instagram feed, reels and other features except for their direct messages section which is acting weirdly.  

06 Jul 2022

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What is jailbreaking? How to jailbreak your iPhone?

iPhone is known for its authenticity and the unique operating system that it provides. iPhone and iOS have always been the light in the crowd which stands out. However, some of the applications and browser activities might be restricted while you are using an iPhone. Some of the applications are not even available on the App Store as they are available on the android play store. This can yet be solved by jail-breaking your iPhone.


What is jailbreaking?

Jailbreaking your iPhone can help you to be able to use it in several different ways. You can now upload or download third-party applications and other software that can be downloaded on an android device but not the iOS device. After you jailbreak your iPhone you can do all those activities that you were restricted from doing while you were using your iPhone.


How can One jailbreak the iPhone?

This is the most asked question as it is not easy to do so. Apple always has been focused on its security and the data protection and privacy of its users. All of these restrictions have made iOS more secure than any other device in the market. However, while you get all the safety and security assured by the company you will not get the freedom of modifying your device or getting the applications that you might want on your device.

As the third-party applications and tools are restricted from being downloaded on your iOS device. Apple also provides many limitations while browsing through the iPhone. All of these restrictions can be taken off once you jailbreak your iPhone. Jailbreak in your iPhone might seem like an easy process. Of course, it is an easy process if you know the right steps to be followed.


Jailbreaking simply means that you can install any application or software that you would like to for the enhancement of your device. Jailbreaking and the whole process requires you to install an application on your iPhone so that you will be able to use the jail-broken apps and software. There are different types of jailbreaking that will provide you with different types of services.


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Types of jailbreaking

Jailbreaking might sound like any simple process. However, it has been divided into four different types of methods which are mentioned below.


Tethered jailbreaking

This type of jailbreaking is temporary jailbreaking. While you are using your iPhone in jail-broken mode you can turn it to the normal ones as soon as you switch off your mobile phone. You will need to jailbreak your phone again using your PC want to switch it off. The process requires you to use the boot tethered feature. However, you will have no choice but turn to jail-broken mode again and again. If you avoid going back to the jailbroken more and tried to get your iPhone into the normal iOS, it will be stuck in the recovery mode forever. 


Semi tethered jailbreaking

In this mode, you will have to use the jailbreak software to go to the patched kernel. However, this jailbroken process performance on your iPhone will boot without any patched Karnal. Because of this, you won’t be able to perform any modified code on your iPhone?


Untethered jailbreaking

This is the permanent jailbreaking that you will be receiving in the process. You will be able to switch off and restart your phone and yet be able to use the jail-broken version of the device. The patched kernel will take always no matter how many times you switch off and restart your iPhone.


Semi Untethered jailbreaking

This process somehow sounds similar to the above-mentioned jailbreak process. This is also a permanent type of jail-breaking process. However, your iPhone will remain non-jailbroken after a reboot. This process of jailbreaking your iPhone will let you jailbreak your iPhone using any application on your device. Furthermore, you will not be required the help or guidance of an additional device or computer to perform this method.


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Methods of jailbreaking your iPhone

There are different ways to jailbreak your iPhone. Four of the methods have been mentioned above. You also need to check out the version of your iPhone as it might differ for every version. Furthermore, you need to follow the steps mentioned below carefully and with alertness.


Uncover jailbreak

The first thing you need to do is update your iPhone version to the latest one. You can take the help of a Mac computer to follow the process of uncovered jailbreaking. All you need to do is download and install alt store on your Mac. once alt store is downloaded on your device you might want to double click and open it on your desktop. After opening the old server you can install the mail plug-in and enable the old plug-in from the mail app application.


After processing this step you must connect your iPhone with your Mac computer by using a USB drive. You can now select and click on the alt store icon and choose your designated iPhone to be jailbroken. Lastly, you will need to sign in with your Apple ID and click on the install button. You will need to visit the website uncovering from the web browser of your iPhone and download the latest version available. Once you have downloaded and installed this on your iPhone you can click on the blue jailbreak button on your iPhone.



Steps to be followed for safety and security purposes

Before jailbreaking your iPhone always keep in mind that you will need to back up the data on your iPhone. Jailbreak is considered a safe option but it can also break your device. In short, it can affect your device in such a way that it will be as good as dead. Also, you need to keep in mind that once you have jailbroken your iPhone any kind of warranty that you had ongoing will not be of any use.

15 Jun 2022

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What is IMEI and How does it work

Have you ever wondered how does your mobile phone or carrier support calls or the internet? It sounds like some high-tech game but understanding it is very easy. It is all related to The IMEI number of your device.

IMEI is a number that simply stands for international mobile equipment identity number. It can simply be defined as the birth certificate that is used to identify your device. This is a 15-digit number that is uniquely positioned and designed for each mobile phone on this planet. this number is the most useful thing for the times when your mobile phone is lost or stolen. GSM phones and CDMA devices have a MEID number.

However, you might be confused between the serial number and the IMEI number of a mobile phone. Serial numbers can match up but I am an EI number or standard across the industry.


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How can you know the IMEI number for your smartphone?

The process to know the IMEI number of a smartphone is very easy. However, the process is different for each device. For iOS or Apple devices as well as android devices one can simply go to the settings menu of the smartphone and click on about phone and select status which will display the IME I number.


The Google pixel demands to dial *#06# on the phone to get the IMEI number on the screen. if your device is a dual Sim card device then you will see two numbers while you dial *#06#. If your mobile phone has a removable battery then you can simply spot the IMEI numbers listed on a sticker under the battery of your smartphone.


You can also check the IMEI number of your device on the phone’s original packaging if you still have it. Any of the mentioned methods that seem easier for you; must be followed to maintain track of the IMEI number of your device.



What if the IMEI number of your mobile phone is blocked or blacklisted?

There are chances that the IMEI number of a mobile phone might be listed as blocked or fake. That is why it is important to check the IMEI number of your smartphone especially when you are buying it from some third-party application or website. If by any chance you have purchased a mobile phone with a fake or blocked IMEI number you are at loss. The phone's IMEI number might be blocked for many reasons and want to work until it is removed. The last six digits of your IMEI number will show the information about your mobile phone. This applies to all iPhones as well as android mobile phones.


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What is the whole purpose of the IMEI number?

As we know by now that the IMEI number is a code that is used to track down your cellular device.

IMEI numbers are recognized as unique numbers for every mobile device. Their purpose is for the safety of the owner. If at all the mobile is lost or robbed, no one will be able to use the phone car with a Sim card. I am your numbers will make it difficult for them to use it without being tracked. So whenever you lose or experience theft against your mobile phone, you can connect with the carrier or nearest police station and ask them to blacklist the IME I code of your device. The IMEI number helps the police to trace the mobile phone's location by knowing the network of the Sim card being used. The IMEI number includes information on the origin of the mobile phone, the model of the mobile phone, and the serial number of the device.


Many websites will help you to check if the IMEI number of your mobile phone is blacklisted or blocked. Then also rumours or instances where people talk about spoofing oh, I am a number. Though, it is unlikely but yet possible at times. There are some ways or tools that allow you to reproduce a whole IMEI number. This is against the laws. However, you can also call this hacking the IMEI number. If you feel that you are targeted by such an attack, then you must inform the carrier you have been using. The only sign that will help you notice that you have been attacked with IMEI spoofing is that you will be facing network errors when you try to place a call or access any mobile internet. Though, it is always good to check even; the Sim card if there are any faults in it.



Now that you know the importance of the IMEI number you must check the IMEI number of the device before purchasing it from any third-party websites. Being unaware of the IMEI number of the device can pull you down to actual problems.

14 Jun 2022

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How To Clear App Data and Cache on Android?

We use a smartphone daily for work as well as for personal and entertainment services. We have multiple applications on a mobile phone and also, we keep on browsing the internet. However, while performing such activities and also running some other activities in the background, your mobile fine phone might gather some cache. The cache can slow down your mobile phone if not dismissed on time.


What is Cache?

A cache is a hardware or software component that stores data. This does not mean that it is of use part of your data. It can be understood as a minor part of data that is stored for retrieving it and speeding up the process of what you are looking for it or using it.  This data can be served in the future with proper speed are also be safe for the user to view at any time see store temporary files. This is a small chunk of memory present on our mobile phones or computers processor. You can also call it a reserve storage location that collects data from websites, browsers and applications loaded faster whether it is your smartphone or your laptop there will always be some see that you collect from a web browser or other applications.


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Why should you clear the Cache?

The cache must be cleared regularly. Clearing the cache simply clears temporary files that I no longer need it. You do not have to worry about anything using the data part as it won’t erase any of your important files. Clearing of cache can also free up some of the memory on your mobile phone. Android mobile phones are filled with cache daily because of their usage. Therefore, cleaning the cache can free up some valuable space and helps you maintain the phone's battery, speed and security. Android mobile phones cache or store small pieces of memory of information that your applications and web browsers used to speed up their performance. However, if this case is filed and filed love it will get corrupted because of the overload and cost performance issues. The cache does not need to be cleared daily but at least within a few days.


How can you clear the cache on the android smartphone?

All android smartphones gather cache in them. Cleaning them is an easy process. Many applications are specifically made for clearing the cache in an android mobile phone. These applications can be downloaded from the play store.


For cleaning the cache without downloading any application follow the below-mentioned steps: -

•             Open the settings menu on your mobile phone.

•             Click on storage in the android settings of your mobile phone.

•             Tap on internal storage 

•             Tap on cashed data.



However, if you are looking forward to cleaning the cache from a specific application you can do the following steps.

On an Android mobile phone, you can also do this through the Google Chrome app.

•             Open Google Chrome and in the right top corner tap on the three dots that appear together.

•             Tap on history

•             Tap on clear browsing data

•             You can also choose a time range should delete everything according to your convenience.


This clears the cache from your Google Chrome application.



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How to clear cache from third-party applications?

This is another easier way that you can use to clear the mobile phone cache. The application cache is similar to the browser cache. As it is also the small pieces of memory or information that you are applications or web browser has gathered. There may be times when an application suddenly shut down or stops responding while you are using it. These problems may arise because the cache data on your mobile phone has been piling up for a long time. Clearing cache is a quick and easy way to get some more space on your mobile phone which is occupied by unnecessary files. That is why some of the applications on the play store will help you to get rid of this unnecessary data.



Can you lose any data will you clear the cache on your android smartphone?

Many people fear that they can lose data while they are clear of the cache on their mobile phones. This is completely a myth. The cache is not any of your important data. It does not include any of your saved login credentials or passwords or even other images and documents. This is the unnecessary remains of the operation or functionalities that the applications on my mobile phone and browser have created by you are using them. Therefore, you will never lose any of your data while you clear the cache of your android smartphone. The cache can be understood as the remains of these data on your smartphone to speed up the process and not the whole data that can be lost while you clear it.

14 Jun 2022

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Future of Mobile Technology and Its Impact on Modern Family

We have come so far when it comes down to mobile technology. The fast pace of growth in the technology sector is quite commendable. From heavy handsets to slim and portable smartphones. We have made it so far in this journey. In the past mobile technology had obstructed influence in our lives. Where now our day and night revolve around it. Smartphones enabled us to take high-quality pictures and became portable tv, helping us make video calls. The traits of smartphone technology don't end here. It's a long list that will take us forever to explain the benefits. 


Where in the present tech companies are coming up with incredibly innovative ideas. Turning them into reality for the world to utilize. We can only visualize. What does the future of smartphone technology look like? Some concepts regarding the future mobile technology you may like to read about. Also, how mobile technology will continue to affect our society. The impact this technology leaves on modern families.



Top Three Mobile Technology in Future


The transformation from 5G to 6G Network


 Even though we have yet to take the benefits of the 5G network. Regardless, smartphone manufacturers are launching 5G connectivity phones. Soon all over the world, people will take the benefits from the 5G fast network. Without a fast network, our smartphones are nothing but regular phones. The various tasks that a smartphone has to perform are super-fast speed and networking.


The 5G network will make it all possible. But the 6G network will take us 100 steps ahead. Will turn everything into a reality that we only witnessed in sci-fi movies and tv shows. Like holographic, VR (Virtual Reality) automatic-driving. It will not only enhance our experience but our productivity as well.


App designers are already working on applications that only 6G networks will support. To stay ahead we will require fast speed and for that reason, 5G in the future will become a 6G network. Right now, it may seem a little bit impossible. But not in the future and a decade from now on.



Development and Expected Launch Year of 6G Network


6G successor of the 5G network is expected to launch by the end of this decade in 2030. Even though eight years seems like a long period. We can never be sure what the future holds for us. There is a possibility that in the place of 6G we get something more powerful with new identification. Right now, everything seems like an assumption game.


Because 6G network development started quite recently. A technology that is still in the first stage of development. Makes it difficult to presume anything and report something related to it and the capabilities it will hold to provide the consumers.


Based on specialist reports they think the 6G network may end up reaching 1 Tbsp. It would end up turning it thousand times more powerful than 1 Gbps.



Applications that 6G Network will Support



Where 5G technology is helping Al in its growth. Artificial Intelligence will end up moving 100 steps further with the support of 6G. Artificial Intelligence will help the future car become automatic, smart manufacturing plants, and also drones.


Both edge computing and artificial intelligence will end up creating advanced gadgets. For example, both technologies combined can develop traffic lights and street lamp posts. Which is going to work as an antenna for the particular neighborhood. All the cars and the rest of four or two-wheeler automobiles to get access to a better Wi-Fi connection and good network signals.


This was only a small fraction of what privileges the 6G network will bestow upon us. The opportunities and advantages are limitless. One can only imagine how advanced everything will become.



Revolution of Foldable Smartphone Industry


Right now, we have limited ideas and visualization regarding foldable smart devices. Only recently we got introduced to Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. But when one hears about the prices that can leave anyone baffled. Also, since it is the start of foldable technology. There are lots of places that could use improvement. We only have confined expectations from them at present.


But we need our foldable phone to shift into multiple shapes. To make the current task easier and more effective. Moreover, they should be affordable just like Android phones. Even though Google is working on launching their foldable smartphone in 2022. It is rumored to be cheaper as compared to Samsung foldable devices. But it is expected that the low cost is due to the factor. It won't be up to the quality mark that Samsung foldable series is providing their consumers.


But reducing the quality may lead to poor durability. In the future, if the smartphone can shift into multiple shapes to accommodate the task. What helps the foldable device to switch shape is the delicate screen, hinges, and shifting aspects. All of these things make our phones vulnerable to damage. In the future, it is expected that our foldable smartphones will be more durable and move into various shapes. It is certainly a high bar that we have set up for the smartphone foldable device industry.



Benefits of Foldable Device


Portable Device with Massive Display


Most of the time some content and files require the big screen to open up. We can't do that on a regular-sized smartphone screen. Even though they are available with a larger display. But to carry them around in your pockets is a task in itself. Usually, everyone prefers laptops and tablets for substantial files. However, laptops and tablets are not exactly travel-friendly.


In extreme situations, a foldable smartphone will adjust its shape and size to adapt to the work at the moment will be anyone's saving grace. Once the task is complete you can fold the device in its original shape and make it easily portable.



Effortlessly Handling Multitask


Currently, the foldable smartphone can handle three files or apps at once. Users can open up three files and work on them at the same time. It doesn't comprise the size of the file. Consumers don't have to look harder to see the words on the screen.


 With time it is a possibility that foldable smartphones will accommodate more than three files at one time. Also, the current Samsung foldable device becomes chunky and heavy after folding. The chances are high that soon manufacturers will try to make the phone slimmer. So, it doesn't feel heavy in your hand.


Good Picture Quality


Display that is made of OLED screen ensure that users get better picture quality than regular smartphones accessible in the market. Providing the user, with a high level of brightness and low battery consumption.


Display Protection


Regular smartphone display takes all the burnt when the falls. The best quality of the foldable smartphone is when you fold the device. The main display gets tucked inside. Whenever your phone is going to collapse. It will be the outer case that will get any scratches. The primary display will be completely safe from any harm.


The foldable smartphone is the future of the mobile industry. With additional qualities they provide and how easy it is to carry a tablet size phone in your pockets. Makes it future generation and technology-friendly.



Mind-Controlled Smartphones


Wouldn't it be more comfortable, instead of holding our phones and conducting the task? All of this can be done while thinking about it. Wanting to text someone all you have to do is think about the message and it will be typed and sent to that person. Watching videos and listening to music without any requirement to juggle your phone. All of this can be done after the implementation of a micro small chip in a specific part of your body. That chip will help your mind to control the smartphone. Also, smart glasses might play a massive part in executing this smart technology.



Impact of Mobile Technology on Modern Family


Mobile technology has both a negative and positive impact on modern families. Let's briefly discuss both.



Positive Impact of Mobile Technology


  1. Study and Family

It made connecting easier. Studying and working from home is possible. Provided students a better place to study. Also, learn things at their pace. Making studying fun for young ones. Became the best source of entertainment. Families at home can get a theatre-like experience on a smartphone. Spend some quality time together. Paying bills and making only shopping payments have never been easier. Everything can be done sitting at home. Save your time and help you avoid standing in a long line.


  1. Access to Millions of Books

No matter how much we love paperbacks. Maintaining them can be an impossible task. With time paperback pages start getting torn and the entire book starts looking like a mess. What's more, if you live in a small house, it's hard to find space for even a hundred books. Forget about thousands and millions of them in the stack. Buying new ones meant losing old ones to create space. But smartphones turned into portable eBook readers. Where you can keep thousands of books without feeling their weight while travelling. Over here you can continue to purchase. Without losing the old ones and worrying about the space and torn pages. Moreover, eBooks are cheaper in rate compared to paperbacks.



Negative Impact of Mobile Technology


  1. Distracting Students

 On the one hand, smartphones made studying easier for students. Helped them get access to worldwide knowledge and unlimited sources of studying material. In a way, it also brought their downfall with it. Availability of numerous social media apps and entertainment resources like video games, YouTube. It's easier for anyone to get distracted by all of this. Especially when notifications continue to pop up from left to right. All of your concentration can fly out of the window with only a single ping. As a result, most kids end up avoiding their studies.



  1. No More Family Time

Where in the past, families used to have conversations during dinner time. Spending quality time while playing games.  Used to gather in front of the tv to have a good laugh while watching movies and games. But when everyone has their smartphone. Everyone is busy with it. Instead of having conversations and finding out how everyone's day went. They are more inclined to spend time in solitude and swiping on their screen. After dinner family members retreat to their room and watch movies and tv shows on mobile. Nobody is interested in spending time with each other anymore.


  1. Children Turning into Introverts

When your day is spent with a phone instead of family and friends. It won't come as a surprise that interacting with another human being becomes a nuisance to you. Children start to avoid family gatherings. Not going to family events and parties. With that kind of attitude, they end up getting alone. Start becoming frustrated, lonely, and anxious. Leading to multiple health issues that cannot be easily resolved.


  1. Parents' Dependency on Phone

Over here, not only kids are at fault. Some of the faults fall on the parent's shoulders. Instead of dealing with kids themselves. They like to give in to their whims. Making kids rely on their phones for every problem solution. Instead of turning to their parents. Kids put their entire faith into their smartphones. Sometimes its outcomes are disastrous for the entire family. When kids end up getting their hands-on false information and believe it.


It's hard to say if mobile technology is our blessing or curse. Because no doubt, all the negative aspects can be overlooked. After receiving all the benefits, it provides us. Smartphones helped us get so far that it is hard to believe that a decade ago the majority of the population. Wasn't interested in using the smartphone.

21 Apr 2022

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Millions of Users Won't Be Able To Use WhatsApp within a Few Weeks.

WhatsApp, owned by Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms which almost and every person is using these days. Not only are the parents, even the small kids able to use it with ease. WhatsApp is used even by old people. With a huge number of users in the present era, it's been recently reported that WhatsApp will be blocked on many phones forever in a few weeks. It will soon stop working on older smartphones. 53 different smartphones are going to be affected by this.

As November is approaching fast, some iPhones and Android phones will block WhatsApp forever. It has a new update feature. But some of the users won't be able to install the new updated version of WhatsApp due to the old mobile phone models. Hence they will either have to update their software or they would buy a new phone. The last date to download this update is November 1st, after which WhatsApp will cease to work on your handset.

For Android phones, the users need to get Android 4.1 or above and for iPhone users, they will surely have to be on iOS 10 or above. For Apple, the users will lose access to iPhone 4 or older. iPhones launched on iOS 9 include iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, and iPhone SE will lose access to WhatsApp if the users haven't updated their iPhone once also. Once you update these models, they will work on iOS 15 which is the latest version, and will continue to keep access to WhatsApp.

As WhatsApp is continuously warning Android and Apple users to update their software, the deadline won't be extended beyond 1st November. The users need to update their phones as soon as possible in order to continue enjoying the messaging service of WhatsApp. Using outdated software can be a huge risk for the users hence it is quite important to update your phone if possible. WhatsApp regularly updates its support in the help center. Recently WhatsApp has updated its features to actively viewing any image or video once. This amazing feature of WhatsApp has been liked by a large number of users.

A few mobile phones which will not be able to use this platform anymore from 1st November will be-

  • Galaxy Trend Lite
  • Galaxy core
  • Lucid 2
  • Optimus L5
  • Optimus F5
  • Grand X Quad V987
  • Grand Memo
  • Sony Xperia Micro
  • Sony Xperia Neo L
  • Huawei Series Ascend

And many more.

Since every year the operating systems change and with the updated version, there arrive a number of updated features. Therefore WhatsApp will no longer be working on some older versions. Once the users update their phones, they will be easily able to keep their chat history by exporting chat history as an email attachment just before their device stops using WhatsApp. Switching from Android to iPhone, people can still keep their chat history. The users can easily find whether they are using the latest version of OS or not, just by checking in the settings function.


The users can check whether their phone is in the list of those phones which won't be able to use the most popular messaging app, WhatsApp, or not. Once you find your phone on this list, you can update your phone. You can even have cheap deals on some new phones on various websites like Flipkart and Amazon. You can even buy a refurbished handset from the right seller. Where many of the users have put out their phones on the website to be sold and they are constantly looking for the right customers. You can easily pick up a really cheap deal on a perfectly functional handset. Last but not the least; you should check the warranty and aftercare of the smartphone, just like when you buy a new phone.  When a company sells you a branded new phone, you ensure very well whether the system is working in order or not.  If the seller does have 't quality checks, you should avoid them at all costs. It may be that their microphone doesn't perform or the headphone jack is not in the right condition.  You can easily go for payment and have that refurbished phone before WhatsApp stops on their phones.

05 Oct 2021

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Different ways to know the battery percentage on your iPhone series

iPhone as well as other Android smartphones also display the percentage of battery mostly on the top taskbar of the smartphone. However, in iPhones find the battery percentage and the sign on the top right corner of the screen. There are numerous ways to know how much battery your iPhone has. Though, if you go to settings and switch the option of seeing the percentage of your battery every now and then. Another way is changing the settings wherein you will not be displayed any number of the battery percentage. although only the symbol of the battery will appear with the colour changing from red to green to yellow if the battery symbol gets red it is simply the time for you to charge your smartphone. When it turns green, it is usually you will be informed that your phone is charged up to 80% or higher. The simple turning yellow can be done by the user by switching on the low power mode to save on the battery.



• You can always verify the state of your battery from the Settings menu, followed by the Battery option.

• When your phone is new, your battery health rate will be a hundred percent, which will drop over the years as you continually use your smartphone.

• There are several ways to check the battery condition of your iPhone. The low power mode is something that can assist you on a daily basis to stress the battery a bit less.

• Low power mode helps reduce background activities such as downloads until iPhone continues to charge.


Swipe down the control centre

This is the simplest and most convenient way to show the percentage of the battery. So if you allowed the battery percentage to be displayed in numbers in the settings menu, it will still be displayed in the top right corner of your iPhone. Though it might differ for some apps or while your phone is charging. The user can still display the battery percentage of their

 iPhone by swiping the control centre and displaying the percentage of your battery.


Knowing your battery percentage through widgets

You can always customize this option of knowing your battery percentage through wickets. This battery percentage display widget can be added using the procedure mentioned below:-

The user must press and hold anywhere on the home screen till all icons and all apps begin shaking.

At the top left corner, the user must see a sign that represents the addition (+) Just tap on it. You will get multiple options for adding different types of widgets to your home screens such as your photos or any other files that you wish to display on your home screen. Here you will find the option which will indicate the batteries.  You can just click them and add your battery as the widget to your home screen. So that each time you use your phone, you will have this battery percentage displayed at any time.


It automatically appears while charging your iPhone

The iPhone users might know by now that when they plug in the charger to their iPhone there is automatically a pop-up notification kind of thing on the display which notify the user that the phone is now getting charged. It also displays the percentage of battery automatically on the display with a power or charge symbol. The user can see the percentage of battery regardless of the device they use to charge the iPhone.


Ask Siri about it

Siri has always been a best friend to an iPhone user. Since you can ask Siri about your iPhone and other topics. Siri is a virtual assistant function that can be appreciated by all iPhone users. Siri does answer the commands of the iPhone user if the option of Hey Siri is switched on from the settings menu. Siri can also be called out by long-pressing the power button or the assertive touch. The user may ask questions about the battery's health or the remaining battery percentage and any other details about their iPhone to Siri.


Third-party applications

Most probably this option might never be takeaways the iPhone has built-in systems to show battery levels. But there might be times when none of the above points is working in your favour may seem different, but yes, it may work for you. You can try downloading third-party applications that will help you find out the percentage of your battery. This can be done on your iPhone as well as any of the android mobile phones as applications relating to the battery percentage display are available on the play store as well as App Store.

03 Apr 2022

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Tips And Tricks to Make Your Android Run Faster

It's no big deal when Android users complain about their Android smartphones running very slowly. There might be several reasons why the Android smartphone doesn't run smooth. This could come because of little problems that have long been deciding on your phone and you have ignorant signs of it. However, there is no specific reason for this to happen and some of the common issues have been listed along with their possible solutions:


1. Empty your storage space

There's nothing new to talk about, but we all have so much on our smartphones. As a smartphone is everything in a device that comprises a camera, voice recorder, navigation device, games and music. With all these things combined, there is a lot of space occupied on a smartphone. However, every smartphone has a different storage space and that can also be extended through SD cards. Having as much storage space as possible on your smartphone can still reduce your smartphone's functionality.


2. Keep your phone updated

Every smartphone receives a software update quite a bit of time. This update is sent by the server to resolve issues or issues or add new features to the smartphone. Hence, it is important for you to keep your smartphone up to date to keep your Android smartphone running smoothly. Your phone will always inform you when a new software update occurs. You can also check the most recent software update by going to the settings menu followed by the device option that will lead you to software updates.


3. Uninstall unnecessary Apps

There are multiple applications on a smartphone. With the availability of various apps for different uses, from buying online to playing games, it has become a lot for a smartphone to manage. Users tend to download apps onto their smartphones that occupy a lot of space and haven't even been used for a long time. Hence, it is important for the user to uninstall useless apps from their smartphone for better operation. You can check your app's storage availability from the Settings menu and uninstall the application you are not using.


4. Clean up your home screen

The home screen is the area where you will surely find yourself whenever you unlock your Android smartphone. This area could be filled with the number of apps you have on your smartphone and also fancy wallpapers that could be raised in storage. You must minimise the number of applications on the home screen of your smartphone and just keep the application that you use regularly for the full smooth functioning of your smartphone.

If you keep your Android device's home screen clean, you're eventually pushing fewer colours to the SoC, which reduces the time needed to make part of your home screen.


5. Download applications from verified sources

Unlike iOS users, Android users are able to download what they want even from the browser. However, that is not always an advantage. Millions of apps on the Play Store are just a few clicks away, but out of these unlimited apps and games, not all apps are designed by developers with good intentions.

Downloading from verified sources is always suggested because you can download some type of virus along with the application or file you have downloaded from your browsers. This is why it is suggested that you download anything from the play store or any verified source to avoid such incidents.


6. Regularly clear app cache

The App cache is generated automatically when you use or leave apps. hence, while you have been carrying out various activities such as online shopping or any other activity. Playing video games on your smartphone and downloading other applications can create a cache on your smartphone. This must be erased for improved operation of your mobile phone.  


7. Restart/Reset your device

Whenever our smartphone gets stuck it hangs out a lot the simplest solution we get to your mind is to restart it. It definitely works a lot of times turn off the smartphone and try to reboot it to cool it down and calm it down. Secondly, if there are a lot of problems and nothing seems to work with your smartphone, Then you can factory reset it completely so that any kind of virus or anything that is making the phone lag will be formatted from earphones. It is very important to have a backup of all files and data on your device before rebooting your smartphone.  

02 Apr 2022

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Easy Ways to Fix YouTube Not Working On Android

YouTube has become one of the most popular platforms as it serves videos of different categories. People can create their own accounts and increase the number of subscribers and even get paid for it. YouTube has helped people in order to learn and get knowledge about new things in every field of work or interest. There might be times when you see that YouTube and its application are not working. There might be multiple reasons for this problem. We have mentioned in the following some of the reasons that might be affecting the programming of the application on your android mobile phone.


Internet connection

This is the most basic point as an internet connection is needed in order to browse the net and also see videos on YouTube. There might be times when your video on YouTube starts to buffer now this could be because of the high quality of the video. This might also be because of your weak internet connection. However, you can simply check your internet connection by searching for something else on Google or trying to browse some other application. If those things seem to work well then definitely there is a problem with the application of YouTube if not then you have an internet diction problem. You can try going on the flight mode and switching to the normal mode if you are on cellular data. You can also try turning off your router and switching it on after a few minutes if you are using WIFI.   


Update the application

Every application of mobile phone will be updated from time to time. Another reason why your YouTube application may be lagging behind or not working at all is because of the update. You can simply go onto the Google play store from your android mobile phone and check if there are any updates available for YouTube by searching for the application name in the search bar. If you see the option of the update go ahead and click on it so that the application will be updated and fix any kind of bugs that it has. After the update is complete you can again try to open the application and continue browsing your favourite videos.


Clear the cache

There might be some kind of cache that is holding back your YouTube application from performing as it should. Therefore, it is necessary to clear the cache from time to time. You can easily go to the settings menu and select apps and notifications. Now open the application manager and keep on searching for the YouTube option.  Once you find the YouTube option in the list you can easily click on it and click on clear cache so that any unwanted data that has been weighing down the application down will be cleared.



This option of reboot or restart is simply a life saviour for any smartphone owner. This option can simply fix many problems as it gets the mobile phone a new start. You can simply try reputing or restarting your smartphone if your application of YouTube is not working. You can hold the power button with the volume button however you can switch off your mobile phone or reboot it depending on the model of your smartphone. When you get the option of reboot and restart you can simply click on reboot and the mobile phone will restart in some time. However, you can also switch off the mobile phone but then you will have to wait for a few seconds and switch it on the back on your own. This will close any applications that are running in the background and clear the unwanted data that has been going in the background of a smartphone.


Check for software updates

As the application of YouTube receives updates so does your android smartphone. However, there is no direct connection between the YouTube application or any other application on your mobile phone with the software update of your mobile phone. Yet it is always better to keep your android smartphone updated to the latest software as it can be creating some kind of issues while functioning if not updated on time. You can simply check for updates in the settings menu followed by system updates and if you see any updates you can click on them and go ahead.



The above-mentioned points must prove to be helpful whenever you are having any issues browsing or opening a YouTube application. In most instances, we also tried to close the application and reopen it or simply uninstall the application and reinstall it on the mobile phone. Your YouTube application must definitely be working fine after following the simple steps.

01 Apr 2022

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Ways to Lock iPhone Applications Which Separate Passcodes

It is honestly annoying when you hand over your phone to someone else to show something and they start scrolling through the whole phone and its applications. In this case, all your privacy is at risk. iPhone users always have been wishing that they have the feature of locking each application separately to keep their data that is private with safe. However, Apple did not come up with this feature for a long time now. The applications that will provide you with unlocking the app separately are not even available on App Store as they are only available for android users. But there are certainly other ways that you can protect your private data even on an iPhone which you might have not even known by now.

Guided access 

Guided access is a feature that not many might know of but the iPhone has it. This unique feature is not even widely used. The guided access option is a lock option that will not let you leave or exit the application that you are using once you have switched on the guided access option. This is the easiest way to deal with and keep maintaining the privacy of the data on your phone when someone else is handling your phone or you give it to someone for some specific tasks as they will not be able to exit that specific application that you have opened and wander around other applications or data in your iPhone. 

To be able to use the guided access option you can follow the below instructions: - 

Move to the settings menu and select the option of accessibility. Guided access will be found there and you just need to enable or slide the toggle on the right-hand side of the option. You can head over to the passcode settings and set a different passcode for the guided access option. Now the option will let you lock your device with a specific application you are using. To try it on you can simply open any application on your smartphone and triple-click the lock button this will give you an option of starting the guided access which will also have an option of locking your phone within the time limit that you said. Once you are done giving your phone to someone else and get it back you can again triple-tap your lock button and we will have the option of ending the guided access mode. After ending it, you will need to enter the password that you have said specifically for the guided option feature I’m not your phone unlock passcode. 

Once you enter the passcode you will be free to use any applications as you’re on your iPhone. 

Screen time limits 

With this option, you can easily limit the time of access to any application on your phone screen time. This feature will automatically lock your phone what is the time your limit is gone. This feature was added from the iOS 12 update to the rest updates that were added after it. You could simply use this feature with the following instructions. 

Move towards the Settings application and you can search for the screen time tab which will lead you to the options of the Apps limit section once you tap on it you will be presented with a list of applications that will let you decide which applications you want to restrict access to and limit the timers for. You can easily tap on the checkbox button on the application next to the name of the application you want to restrict the timing with. Once you have done that you can easily now choose the time limit for use of that specific application. 

Other features: - Third-party applications 

Third-party applications might not work for iPhones as not all applications that put a lock on specific applications are available in the App Store of your iPhone. These applications are certainly available in the play store of android smartphones but also in jailbroken iPhones. Though it is not suggested that you get your iPhone jailbroken as it might have many worst consequences later on but you could indeed be using all the applications that an android user does. 

There are also some applications that would lead to putting some of your content in it and locking it like a vault. For example, if you need to hide some photos and videos there is already the hidden feature available in the iPhone but it cannot be protected with a password as it is just there like another folder in your gallery of photos. but you can download applications on your iPhone which will let you lock your photos and videos or other files which you do not want anyone else to see. 

01 Apr 2022

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