What is jailbreaking? How to jailbreak your iPhone?

What is jailbreaking? How to jailbreak your iPhone?

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What is jailbreaking? How to jailbreak your iPhone?

By Quick Mobile - 15 Jun 2022

iPhone is known for its authenticity and the unique operating system that it provides. iPhone and iOS have always been the light in the crowd which stands out. However, some of the applications and browser activities might be restricted while you are using an iPhone. Some of the applications are not even available on the App Store as they are available on the android play store. This can yet be solved by jail-breaking your iPhone.


What is jailbreaking?

Jailbreaking your iPhone can help you to be able to use it in several different ways. You can now upload or download third-party applications and other software that can be downloaded on an android device but not the iOS device. After you jailbreak your iPhone you can do all those activities that you were restricted from doing while you were using your iPhone.


How can One jailbreak the iPhone?

This is the most asked question as it is not easy to do so. Apple always has been focused on its security and the data protection and privacy of its users. All of these restrictions have made iOS more secure than any other device in the market. However, while you get all the safety and security assured by the company you will not get the freedom of modifying your device or getting the applications that you might want on your device.

As the third-party applications and tools are restricted from being downloaded on your iOS device. Apple also provides many limitations while browsing through the iPhone. All of these restrictions can be taken off once you jailbreak your iPhone. Jailbreak in your iPhone might seem like an easy process. Of course, it is an easy process if you know the right steps to be followed.


Jailbreaking simply means that you can install any application or software that you would like to for the enhancement of your device. Jailbreaking and the whole process requires you to install an application on your iPhone so that you will be able to use the jail-broken apps and software. There are different types of jailbreaking that will provide you with different types of services.


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Types of jailbreaking

Jailbreaking might sound like any simple process. However, it has been divided into four different types of methods which are mentioned below.


Tethered jailbreaking

This type of jailbreaking is temporary jailbreaking. While you are using your iPhone in jail-broken mode you can turn it to the normal ones as soon as you switch off your mobile phone. You will need to jailbreak your phone again using your PC want to switch it off. The process requires you to use the boot tethered feature. However, you will have no choice but turn to jail-broken mode again and again. If you avoid going back to the jailbroken more and tried to get your iPhone into the normal iOS, it will be stuck in the recovery mode forever. 


Semi tethered jailbreaking

In this mode, you will have to use the jailbreak software to go to the patched kernel. However, this jailbroken process performance on your iPhone will boot without any patched Karnal. Because of this, you won’t be able to perform any modified code on your iPhone?


Untethered jailbreaking

This is the permanent jailbreaking that you will be receiving in the process. You will be able to switch off and restart your phone and yet be able to use the jail-broken version of the device. The patched kernel will take always no matter how many times you switch off and restart your iPhone.


Semi Untethered jailbreaking

This process somehow sounds similar to the above-mentioned jailbreak process. This is also a permanent type of jail-breaking process. However, your iPhone will remain non-jailbroken after a reboot. This process of jailbreaking your iPhone will let you jailbreak your iPhone using any application on your device. Furthermore, you will not be required the help or guidance of an additional device or computer to perform this method.


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Methods of jailbreaking your iPhone

There are different ways to jailbreak your iPhone. Four of the methods have been mentioned above. You also need to check out the version of your iPhone as it might differ for every version. Furthermore, you need to follow the steps mentioned below carefully and with alertness.


Uncover jailbreak

The first thing you need to do is update your iPhone version to the latest one. You can take the help of a Mac computer to follow the process of uncovered jailbreaking. All you need to do is download and install alt store on your Mac. once alt store is downloaded on your device you might want to double click and open it on your desktop. After opening the old server you can install the mail plug-in and enable the old plug-in from the mail app application.


After processing this step you must connect your iPhone with your Mac computer by using a USB drive. You can now select and click on the alt store icon and choose your designated iPhone to be jailbroken. Lastly, you will need to sign in with your Apple ID and click on the install button. You will need to visit the website uncovering from the web browser of your iPhone and download the latest version available. Once you have downloaded and installed this on your iPhone you can click on the blue jailbreak button on your iPhone.



Steps to be followed for safety and security purposes

Before jailbreaking your iPhone always keep in mind that you will need to back up the data on your iPhone. Jailbreak is considered a safe option but it can also break your device. In short, it can affect your device in such a way that it will be as good as dead. Also, you need to keep in mind that once you have jailbroken your iPhone any kind of warranty that you had ongoing will not be of any use.

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