Ways to Lock iPhone Applications Which Separate Passcodes

Ways to Lock iPhone Applications Which Separate Passcodes

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Ways to Lock iPhone Applications Which Separate Passcodes

By quick mobile - 01 Apr 2022

It is honestly annoying when you hand over your phone to someone else to show something and they start scrolling through the whole phone and its applications. In this case, all your privacy is at risk. iPhone users always have been wishing that they have the feature of locking each application separately to keep their data that is private with safe. However, Apple did not come up with this feature for a long time now. The applications that will provide you with unlocking the app separately are not even available on App Store as they are only available for android users. But there are certainly other ways that you can protect your private data even on an iPhone which you might have not even known by now.

Guided access 

Guided access is a feature that not many might know of but the iPhone has it. This unique feature is not even widely used. The guided access option is a lock option that will not let you leave or exit the application that you are using once you have switched on the guided access option. This is the easiest way to deal with and keep maintaining the privacy of the data on your phone when someone else is handling your phone or you give it to someone for some specific tasks as they will not be able to exit that specific application that you have opened and wander around other applications or data in your iPhone. 

To be able to use the guided access option you can follow the below instructions: - 

Move to the settings menu and select the option of accessibility. Guided access will be found there and you just need to enable or slide the toggle on the right-hand side of the option. You can head over to the passcode settings and set a different passcode for the guided access option. Now the option will let you lock your device with a specific application you are using. To try it on you can simply open any application on your smartphone and triple-click the lock button this will give you an option of starting the guided access which will also have an option of locking your phone within the time limit that you said. Once you are done giving your phone to someone else and get it back you can again triple-tap your lock button and we will have the option of ending the guided access mode. After ending it, you will need to enter the password that you have said specifically for the guided option feature I’m not your phone unlock passcode. 

Once you enter the passcode you will be free to use any applications as you’re on your iPhone. 

Screen time limits 

With this option, you can easily limit the time of access to any application on your phone screen time. This feature will automatically lock your phone what is the time your limit is gone. This feature was added from the iOS 12 update to the rest updates that were added after it. You could simply use this feature with the following instructions. 

Move towards the Settings application and you can search for the screen time tab which will lead you to the options of the Apps limit section once you tap on it you will be presented with a list of applications that will let you decide which applications you want to restrict access to and limit the timers for. You can easily tap on the checkbox button on the application next to the name of the application you want to restrict the timing with. Once you have done that you can easily now choose the time limit for use of that specific application. 

Other features: - Third-party applications 

Third-party applications might not work for iPhones as not all applications that put a lock on specific applications are available in the App Store of your iPhone. These applications are certainly available in the play store of android smartphones but also in jailbroken iPhones. Though it is not suggested that you get your iPhone jailbroken as it might have many worst consequences later on but you could indeed be using all the applications that an android user does. 

There are also some applications that would lead to putting some of your content in it and locking it like a vault. For example, if you need to hide some photos and videos there is already the hidden feature available in the iPhone but it cannot be protected with a password as it is just there like another folder in your gallery of photos. but you can download applications on your iPhone which will let you lock your photos and videos or other files which you do not want anyone else to see. 

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