Future of Mobile Technology and Its Impact on Modern Family

Future of Mobile Technology and Its Impact on Modern Family

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Future of Mobile Technology and Its Impact on Modern Family

By quick mobile - 21 Apr 2022

We have come so far when it comes down to mobile technology. The fast pace of growth in the technology sector is quite commendable. From heavy handsets to slim and portable smartphones. We have made it so far in this journey. In the past mobile technology had obstructed influence in our lives. Where now our day and night revolve around it. Smartphones enabled us to take high-quality pictures and became portable tv, helping us make video calls. The traits of smartphone technology don't end here. It's a long list that will take us forever to explain the benefits. 


Where in the present tech companies are coming up with incredibly innovative ideas. Turning them into reality for the world to utilize. We can only visualize. What does the future of smartphone technology look like? Some concepts regarding the future mobile technology you may like to read about. Also, how mobile technology will continue to affect our society. The impact this technology leaves on modern families.



Top Three Mobile Technology in Future


The transformation from 5G to 6G Network


 Even though we have yet to take the benefits of the 5G network. Regardless, smartphone manufacturers are launching 5G connectivity phones. Soon all over the world, people will take the benefits from the 5G fast network. Without a fast network, our smartphones are nothing but regular phones. The various tasks that a smartphone has to perform are super-fast speed and networking.


The 5G network will make it all possible. But the 6G network will take us 100 steps ahead. Will turn everything into a reality that we only witnessed in sci-fi movies and tv shows. Like holographic, VR (Virtual Reality) automatic-driving. It will not only enhance our experience but our productivity as well.


App designers are already working on applications that only 6G networks will support. To stay ahead we will require fast speed and for that reason, 5G in the future will become a 6G network. Right now, it may seem a little bit impossible. But not in the future and a decade from now on.



Development and Expected Launch Year of 6G Network


6G successor of the 5G network is expected to launch by the end of this decade in 2030. Even though eight years seems like a long period. We can never be sure what the future holds for us. There is a possibility that in the place of 6G we get something more powerful with new identification. Right now, everything seems like an assumption game.


Because 6G network development started quite recently. A technology that is still in the first stage of development. Makes it difficult to presume anything and report something related to it and the capabilities it will hold to provide the consumers.


Based on specialist reports they think the 6G network may end up reaching 1 Tbsp. It would end up turning it thousand times more powerful than 1 Gbps.



Applications that 6G Network will Support



Where 5G technology is helping Al in its growth. Artificial Intelligence will end up moving 100 steps further with the support of 6G. Artificial Intelligence will help the future car become automatic, smart manufacturing plants, and also drones.


Both edge computing and artificial intelligence will end up creating advanced gadgets. For example, both technologies combined can develop traffic lights and street lamp posts. Which is going to work as an antenna for the particular neighborhood. All the cars and the rest of four or two-wheeler automobiles to get access to a better Wi-Fi connection and good network signals.


This was only a small fraction of what privileges the 6G network will bestow upon us. The opportunities and advantages are limitless. One can only imagine how advanced everything will become.



Revolution of Foldable Smartphone Industry


Right now, we have limited ideas and visualization regarding foldable smart devices. Only recently we got introduced to Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. But when one hears about the prices that can leave anyone baffled. Also, since it is the start of foldable technology. There are lots of places that could use improvement. We only have confined expectations from them at present.


But we need our foldable phone to shift into multiple shapes. To make the current task easier and more effective. Moreover, they should be affordable just like Android phones. Even though Google is working on launching their foldable smartphone in 2022. It is rumored to be cheaper as compared to Samsung foldable devices. But it is expected that the low cost is due to the factor. It won't be up to the quality mark that Samsung foldable series is providing their consumers.


But reducing the quality may lead to poor durability. In the future, if the smartphone can shift into multiple shapes to accommodate the task. What helps the foldable device to switch shape is the delicate screen, hinges, and shifting aspects. All of these things make our phones vulnerable to damage. In the future, it is expected that our foldable smartphones will be more durable and move into various shapes. It is certainly a high bar that we have set up for the smartphone foldable device industry.



Benefits of Foldable Device


Portable Device with Massive Display


Most of the time some content and files require the big screen to open up. We can't do that on a regular-sized smartphone screen. Even though they are available with a larger display. But to carry them around in your pockets is a task in itself. Usually, everyone prefers laptops and tablets for substantial files. However, laptops and tablets are not exactly travel-friendly.


In extreme situations, a foldable smartphone will adjust its shape and size to adapt to the work at the moment will be anyone's saving grace. Once the task is complete you can fold the device in its original shape and make it easily portable.



Effortlessly Handling Multitask


Currently, the foldable smartphone can handle three files or apps at once. Users can open up three files and work on them at the same time. It doesn't comprise the size of the file. Consumers don't have to look harder to see the words on the screen.


 With time it is a possibility that foldable smartphones will accommodate more than three files at one time. Also, the current Samsung foldable device becomes chunky and heavy after folding. The chances are high that soon manufacturers will try to make the phone slimmer. So, it doesn't feel heavy in your hand.


Good Picture Quality


Display that is made of OLED screen ensure that users get better picture quality than regular smartphones accessible in the market. Providing the user, with a high level of brightness and low battery consumption.


Display Protection


Regular smartphone display takes all the burnt when the falls. The best quality of the foldable smartphone is when you fold the device. The main display gets tucked inside. Whenever your phone is going to collapse. It will be the outer case that will get any scratches. The primary display will be completely safe from any harm.


The foldable smartphone is the future of the mobile industry. With additional qualities they provide and how easy it is to carry a tablet size phone in your pockets. Makes it future generation and technology-friendly.



Mind-Controlled Smartphones


Wouldn't it be more comfortable, instead of holding our phones and conducting the task? All of this can be done while thinking about it. Wanting to text someone all you have to do is think about the message and it will be typed and sent to that person. Watching videos and listening to music without any requirement to juggle your phone. All of this can be done after the implementation of a micro small chip in a specific part of your body. That chip will help your mind to control the smartphone. Also, smart glasses might play a massive part in executing this smart technology.



Impact of Mobile Technology on Modern Family


Mobile technology has both a negative and positive impact on modern families. Let's briefly discuss both.



Positive Impact of Mobile Technology


  1. Study and Family

It made connecting easier. Studying and working from home is possible. Provided students a better place to study. Also, learn things at their pace. Making studying fun for young ones. Became the best source of entertainment. Families at home can get a theatre-like experience on a smartphone. Spend some quality time together. Paying bills and making only shopping payments have never been easier. Everything can be done sitting at home. Save your time and help you avoid standing in a long line.


  1. Access to Millions of Books

No matter how much we love paperbacks. Maintaining them can be an impossible task. With time paperback pages start getting torn and the entire book starts looking like a mess. What's more, if you live in a small house, it's hard to find space for even a hundred books. Forget about thousands and millions of them in the stack. Buying new ones meant losing old ones to create space. But smartphones turned into portable eBook readers. Where you can keep thousands of books without feeling their weight while travelling. Over here you can continue to purchase. Without losing the old ones and worrying about the space and torn pages. Moreover, eBooks are cheaper in rate compared to paperbacks.



Negative Impact of Mobile Technology


  1. Distracting Students

 On the one hand, smartphones made studying easier for students. Helped them get access to worldwide knowledge and unlimited sources of studying material. In a way, it also brought their downfall with it. Availability of numerous social media apps and entertainment resources like video games, YouTube. It's easier for anyone to get distracted by all of this. Especially when notifications continue to pop up from left to right. All of your concentration can fly out of the window with only a single ping. As a result, most kids end up avoiding their studies.



  1. No More Family Time

Where in the past, families used to have conversations during dinner time. Spending quality time while playing games.  Used to gather in front of the tv to have a good laugh while watching movies and games. But when everyone has their smartphone. Everyone is busy with it. Instead of having conversations and finding out how everyone's day went. They are more inclined to spend time in solitude and swiping on their screen. After dinner family members retreat to their room and watch movies and tv shows on mobile. Nobody is interested in spending time with each other anymore.


  1. Children Turning into Introverts

When your day is spent with a phone instead of family and friends. It won't come as a surprise that interacting with another human being becomes a nuisance to you. Children start to avoid family gatherings. Not going to family events and parties. With that kind of attitude, they end up getting alone. Start becoming frustrated, lonely, and anxious. Leading to multiple health issues that cannot be easily resolved.


  1. Parents' Dependency on Phone

Over here, not only kids are at fault. Some of the faults fall on the parent's shoulders. Instead of dealing with kids themselves. They like to give in to their whims. Making kids rely on their phones for every problem solution. Instead of turning to their parents. Kids put their entire faith into their smartphones. Sometimes its outcomes are disastrous for the entire family. When kids end up getting their hands-on false information and believe it.


It's hard to say if mobile technology is our blessing or curse. Because no doubt, all the negative aspects can be overlooked. After receiving all the benefits, it provides us. Smartphones helped us get so far that it is hard to believe that a decade ago the majority of the population. Wasn't interested in using the smartphone.

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