Privacy Policy

Quick Mobile handles your personal data in a safe, secure and systematic manner compiled with your use of the website. Quick Mobile uses your data through your consent to help you for a better experience only. The uses of the data received by the website are limited which includes personal data also.

Quick Mobile collects some basic information from the users or/and customers while you submit forms or register to the website. The basic information gathered includes the following:-

  • • Name,Contact details, Device details, Email ID, IMEI number/digits of your products.
  • • If any interaction done by the users and/or customers through the social media platform or such sources.
  • • Information you provide on the Website, such as online questionnaires, or feedback forms.
  • • Any Information provided by the user or/and customers while subscribing to our sms services.
  • • Any Information provided by the users and/or customers while creating your account and/or through the registration process and/or log-in details.
  • • Any information about the use of the product and/or Services.
  • • Other information is received indirectly from you through use of the Services and/or visiting, accessing the official website.

Any Information relating or regarding the usage of the Website and its products and Services collected through any web pages automatically using various sources which generally does not specifically identify the user or other individuals it interacts with. For Example the IP addresses, Device details, browser types, domain names and any other statistical data relating or regarding the usage of the website along with its products and Services.

Quick Mobile assures protection and safety in accordance with the data protection laws and your privacy rights. The following points specify the information used by website for any particular user. Please read the following mentioned points carefully.

  • – Visiting, referring , clicking on the following website “
  • – Using, downloading, accessing any of our content relating to the product or services
  • – Visiting Our social media handles including Facebook page, twitter, instagram and/or linked in.
  • – You can also choose to receive or not to receive message alerts from us, including emails, phone calls or other work related messages.

Other sources and situations of using your data Quick Mobile uses your Personal Data for all the above mentioned reasons and any other points relating to it. It is indeed our priority and a necessity to perform our operations or exercises according the obligatory rights and consent of our customers or any relating users of the website. We have authorised business interest to process any personal data and to comply with applicable laws, rules and regulations. We have your consent to access any Information furthermore needed by the website or the process of buying and selling of the products and services available on the website. It is mandatory to identify some of the legal reasons for some instances. Quick Mobile collects the data or information of its users and/or customers for operations performing on our Website in order to provide services to our customers and hence the personal data is processed to perform our necessary functions. In the case of a whole complete new user there are instances wherein Quick mobile has not interacted with you, such instances are processed on the basis of our recognised sources to manage and promote our business, operate and function the Website. In order to provide and improve the services and to provide for any requested queries. For instance, when when a customer and/or users request a quote for any specific product or service from our website.


Quick Mobile states that the website also may or may not collect any required personal data through other sources such as records that are openly or publicly available through other sources such as internet sites, vendors or merchants, data suppliers and service providers, commercially available for marketing purposes also, telephone directories, social networking websites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or any other news sources and related media outlets. Any such personal data collected through these sources is limited to business officials and experts for contact information.It mostly includes information such as names, contact details, job titles, IP addresses and social media profiles.

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