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Refund Policy

Quick Mobile states that the refund policy shall not be adjusted or changed in any consequences as per any individual. Only Quick Mobile and its authorities have the right to do so.

1. Refund policy is only applicable in or within 15 days of the sale/purchase or the date of the invoice.

2. Refund policy is only applicable in the case of used/refurbished mobile phones.

3. Refund policy may or may not be applicable on basis of issues/malfunction that arise in device later.

4. Refund policy is only applicable if there hasn’t been any manual intervention on it.

5. Refunds are initiated once your device or product is checked and verified by our experts.

6. The issues or malfunction differ on the case of every device hence the span of time of the return and refund procedure will differ in each and every case.

Quick Mobile reserves all the right to update and/or modify its refund policy at anytime and/or before any prior notice as per its requirements.