Terms of Use

Kindly read the terms of use carefully before using the website. Continue using the website only if you agree and confirm with rules mentioned. If by any chance you fail to agree, kindly discontinue using the website.

1. Before contacting us to sell your device, you must confirm that you are the legal owner of the device or the accessory you are trying to sell.

2. If the device received is not approving according to Quick Mobile’s Policy, we have the right to deny the purchase of the device or cancel or reduce your quoted amount.

3. While selling any devices with us, you must provide us with a valid government ID proof/address proof.

4. Quick Mobile will not be held responsible for any data on your device. You must confirm that you have transferred or erased all the necessary data on your device before handing it over to our executives.

Quick Mobile holds the right to update or modify this agreement whenever necessary.

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