Experience 5G with Google Pixel in India

Google Pixel Users in India Can Finally Experience 5G

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Google Pixel Users in India Can Finally Experience 5G

By quick mobile - 16 Jan 2023

People are already experiencing a 5G network in the mobile phone in India. The 5G phones are increasing day by day but people are not aware of it. Most people and all are even aware of whether the 5G feature is active on the phone or not. Many mobile phone companies have switched and added this 5G feature for a long time now is the right time to use it. Similarly, Google pixel smartphones also have support for 5G in Airtel And Jio 5G networks in India. 

Google Pixel users have started to use the 5G network in India with better updates on the Google pixel 6 and Google pixel 7 series. Both of the series will have 5G connectivity through Jio and Airtel networks. 

However, the better network update is a stable version of the update which will be released in the fir the weeks. The Google pixel six is one of the most known and affordable 5G, smartphones under the brand Google. It supports 19 5G bands. The Google pixel 7 and pixel 7 Pro support 22 5G bands. The Google Pixel smartphones in India have MM wave 5G bands all over the country. 

Are there any mobile phone companies which have rolled out 5G connectivity? 

Mostly, although brands under android, as well as iPhones, have rolled out the 5G feature and many of their mobile phones, oh year ago or even before that. Though 5G was not provided by any network provider at that time, it will be useful for the users who bought those while phones at that time as they care now use a Sim card on it. 

They will not need to buy another mobile phone for that purpose. Google is the recent smartphone brand to activate 5G networks on smartphones in India. Google had scheduled to release an update for it in December to activate its 5G capabilities, but it was delayed for the same reason. 

A user who has installed the Android 13 QPR2 Beta 2 update on his Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 7 series smartphones can enable its 5G connectivity on both Jio and Airtel networks. It has to be noted that this is a beta upgrade and the company expects to release a stable release within the next few weeks. 

What is the 5G update all beta updates in the Google pixel about? 

Users need to update their mobile phone to the latest beta on the Google Pixel 6 a, Google pixel 7 and Google pixel 7 pro. If you are waiting for another update to come in and using the device, just like that for now, you should know that the beta systems and updates can affect the all over functioning of the mobile phone.

Therefore, the 5G network connectivity will also be affected by the system. All the updates that you are using. 


The smartphones under Google which is the Google pixel 6,  Google pixel 7 and pixel  7 pro as  mentioned support the 5G network in India. It is because the tensor zero processor in the pixel 7 and 7 pro are the first generation tensor. Users can have bebefits from a lower latency 5G network and also have faster download or upload speed. This is all because of the latest beta software update that is provided by the company. 


How can you convert your handset into 5G network connection if the update isn’t helping? 

It is easy to convert your device into 5G. Firstly, you need to check if your mobile phone is having a feature of accepting 5G Sim cards in it. Most of the smartphones in the market today had a feature of accepting 5G smartphone connectivity. However, if your mobile phone doesn’t have a Sim slot for a 5G Sim card, then you will have to update your mobile phone. 

No other software update can fix this issue as there is no way to progress on it. However, if your mobile phone is having the feature of excepting 5G Sim cards, then you can go to the download carrier provider, audio Sim card, and operator service centre and ask them to convert your Sim card into a 5G Sim. 

They will be a little Information taken from you about your Sim and identification to go further. Rest will be done with ease and you could experience patchy network connectivity. However, We must note that the price of the 5G packages may differ from the 4G packages. 


The experience of 5G networking with google:- 

Pixel smartphone users in India have been waiting for this for months, and there is no doubt that this development will give them peace of mind. But it's also an important development for the telecom company that provides its 5G service. The operator wants his customer base to be able to use his 5G if he has a 5G phone. 

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