Millions of Users Won Be Able To Use WhatsApp within a Few Weeks.

Millions of Users Won't Be Able To Use WhatsApp within a Few Weeks.

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Millions of Users Won't Be Able To Use WhatsApp within a Few Weeks.

By quick mobile - 05 Oct 2021

WhatsApp, owned by Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms which almost and every person is using these days. Not only are the parents, even the small kids able to use it with ease. WhatsApp is used even by old people. With a huge number of users in the present era, it's been recently reported that WhatsApp will be blocked on many phones forever in a few weeks. It will soon stop working on older smartphones. 53 different smartphones are going to be affected by this.

As November is approaching fast, some iPhones and Android phones will block WhatsApp forever. It has a new update feature. But some of the users won't be able to install the new updated version of WhatsApp due to the old mobile phone models. Hence they will either have to update their software or they would buy a new phone. The last date to download this update is November 1st, after which WhatsApp will cease to work on your handset.

For Android phones, the users need to get Android 4.1 or above and for iPhone users, they will surely have to be on iOS 10 or above. For Apple, the users will lose access to iPhone 4 or older. iPhones launched on iOS 9 include iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, and iPhone SE will lose access to WhatsApp if the users haven't updated their iPhone once also. Once you update these models, they will work on iOS 15 which is the latest version, and will continue to keep access to WhatsApp.

As WhatsApp is continuously warning Android and Apple users to update their software, the deadline won't be extended beyond 1st November. The users need to update their phones as soon as possible in order to continue enjoying the messaging service of WhatsApp. Using outdated software can be a huge risk for the users hence it is quite important to update your phone if possible. WhatsApp regularly updates its support in the help center. Recently WhatsApp has updated its features to actively viewing any image or video once. This amazing feature of WhatsApp has been liked by a large number of users.

A few mobile phones which will not be able to use this platform anymore from 1st November will be-

  • Galaxy Trend Lite

  • Galaxy core

  • Lucid 2

  • Optimus L5

  • Optimus F5

  • Grand X Quad V987

  • Grand Memo

  • Sony Xperia Micro

  • Sony Xperia Neo L

  • Huawei Series Ascend

And many more.

Since every year the operating systems change and with the updated version, there arrive a number of updated features. Therefore WhatsApp will no longer be working on some older versions. Once the users update their phones, they will be easily able to keep their chat history by exporting chat history as an email attachment just before their device stops using WhatsApp. Switching from Android to iPhone, people can still keep their chat history. The users can easily find whether they are using the latest version of OS or not, just by checking in the settings function.


The users can check whether their phone is in the list of those phones which won't be able to use the most popular messaging app, WhatsApp, or not. Once you find your phone on this list, you can update your phone. You can even have cheap deals on some new phones on various websites like Flipkart and Amazon. You can even buy a refurbished handset from the right seller. Where many of the users have put out their phones on the website to be sold and they are constantly looking for the right customers. You can easily pick up a really cheap deal on a perfectly functional handset. Last but not the least; you should check the warranty and aftercare of the smartphone, just like when you buy a new phone.  When a company sells you a branded new phone, you ensure very well whether the system is working in order or not.  If the seller does have 't quality checks, you should avoid them at all costs. It may be that their microphone doesn't perform or the headphone jack is not in the right condition.  You can easily go for payment and have that refurbished phone before WhatsApp stops on their phones.

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