What is IMEI and How does it work?

What is IMEI and How does it work

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What is IMEI and How does it work

By Quick Mobile - 14 Jun 2022

Have you ever wondered how does your mobile phone or carrier support calls or the internet? It sounds like some high-tech game but understanding it is very easy. It is all related to The IMEI number of your device.

IMEI is a number that simply stands for international mobile equipment identity number. It can simply be defined as the birth certificate that is used to identify your device. This is a 15-digit number that is uniquely positioned and designed for each mobile phone on this planet. this number is the most useful thing for the times when your mobile phone is lost or stolen. GSM phones and CDMA devices have a MEID number.

However, you might be confused between the serial number and the IMEI number of a mobile phone. Serial numbers can match up but I am an EI number or standard across the industry.


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How can you know the IMEI number for your smartphone?

The process to know the IMEI number of a smartphone is very easy. However, the process is different for each device. For iOS or Apple devices as well as android devices one can simply go to the settings menu of the smartphone and click on about phone and select status which will display the IME I number.


The Google pixel demands to dial *#06# on the phone to get the IMEI number on the screen. if your device is a dual Sim card device then you will see two numbers while you dial *#06#. If your mobile phone has a removable battery then you can simply spot the IMEI numbers listed on a sticker under the battery of your smartphone.


You can also check the IMEI number of your device on the phone’s original packaging if you still have it. Any of the mentioned methods that seem easier for you; must be followed to maintain track of the IMEI number of your device.



What if the IMEI number of your mobile phone is blocked or blacklisted?

There are chances that the IMEI number of a mobile phone might be listed as blocked or fake. That is why it is important to check the IMEI number of your smartphone especially when you are buying it from some third-party application or website. If by any chance you have purchased a mobile phone with a fake or blocked IMEI number you are at loss. The phone's IMEI number might be blocked for many reasons and want to work until it is removed. The last six digits of your IMEI number will show the information about your mobile phone. This applies to all iPhones as well as android mobile phones.


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What is the whole purpose of the IMEI number?

As we know by now that the IMEI number is a code that is used to track down your cellular device.

IMEI numbers are recognized as unique numbers for every mobile device. Their purpose is for the safety of the owner. If at all the mobile is lost or robbed, no one will be able to use the phone car with a Sim card. I am your numbers will make it difficult for them to use it without being tracked. So whenever you lose or experience theft against your mobile phone, you can connect with the carrier or nearest police station and ask them to blacklist the IME I code of your device. The IMEI number helps the police to trace the mobile phone's location by knowing the network of the Sim card being used. The IMEI number includes information on the origin of the mobile phone, the model of the mobile phone, and the serial number of the device.


Many websites will help you to check if the IMEI number of your mobile phone is blacklisted or blocked. Then also rumours or instances where people talk about spoofing oh, I am a number. Though, it is unlikely but yet possible at times. There are some ways or tools that allow you to reproduce a whole IMEI number. This is against the laws. However, you can also call this hacking the IMEI number. If you feel that you are targeted by such an attack, then you must inform the carrier you have been using. The only sign that will help you notice that you have been attacked with IMEI spoofing is that you will be facing network errors when you try to place a call or access any mobile internet. Though, it is always good to check even; the Sim card if there are any faults in it.



Now that you know the importance of the IMEI number you must check the IMEI number of the device before purchasing it from any third-party websites. Being unaware of the IMEI number of the device can pull you down to actual problems.

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