How to Find and Delete Old Online Accounts

How to Find and Delete Old Online Accounts

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How to Find and Delete Old Online Accounts

By quick mobile - 16 Nov 2021

We use and create ample accounts on the internet especially since social media came in. It could be tricky to remember the password to all of these accounts and so mostly people prefer having the same password for multiple accounts which is clearly not safe as it is an easy way to get access to all of your data if someone tried to hack even one single account that belongs to you.

 When you have many accounts there are high chances you could have many other accounts Just there on the internet which you might not even be using anymore. Leaving this account just there without care is risky as your online or social media accounts will mostly have a huge part of your personal data which could be confidential and leaving it around on the internet will nearly be an invitation to hackers to get access to it and this is one of the big reasons you need to find those old accounts you created and delete them right away.


Ways to find your old accounts on the internet: -


As these accounts are old enough there are high chances you might have forgotten the password and that could be one of the reasons you aren’t using it anymore. There are some ways to identify it through the following points: -

  • Search on social media


While we sign up for creating a completely new account online there are times when we can easily sign up using our other accounts on Facebook, Twitter or even Gmail. It comes the process of signing up even faster aa all of your data is collected from the specific account you have chosen. You could look up details in any of these accounts which you are already using to find out if you have any traces to log back into any of your older accounts. 


  • Search your email


If you are still having access to any of your old emails, it will be helpful to find your old accounts. You can also search simply by typing the email and looking if the search is able to identify your email or locate it with any on the existing accounts. If this helps, you’ll be all set to locate your old account in a few minutes.


  • Look in to your password manager 


As we are so used to using multiple accounts and it is surely a problem to remember the password to all of the accounts, there are applications available or even some smartphones might have inbuilt Features which can help to save or remember your password to each account. Password manager is a popular way to work for this purpose. You can have many passwords saved even if you are using any of the accounts through the browser. 


  • Visit some search websites 


There are websites like have I been pawned? Which will help you to know if any of these accounts belonging to your email is at breach. The website will guide you to show if your email or account has been part of any leaks as such. Some old accounts can also show up which you might not even remember and may also show up some leaks which contains your data.


Ways to delete your old accounts online: -


If you are signing in to your old account after a long time, there are chances that your account was already deleted by the website because of being inactive. However, if it still exists you could try the following steps to delete it: -


  • The support page of the website on which you created your account might also be able to help and guide you throughout the process of deleting it.
  • You can use Google or DuckDuckGo and its services which have an option for deleting your account.
  • Websites such as will also help you to delete your database belonging to online accounts.


You can also contact the support of the website you created your account on through email or any other methods mentioned on their website and ask them to delete your old accounts.

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