Pros & Cons of Modern Era Mobile Technology

Pros & Cons of Modern Era Mobile Technology

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Pros & Cons of Modern Era Mobile Technology

By quick mobile - 01 Nov 2021



Since mobile phones came into existence they changed our world and turned it upside down. It is hard for us to think that we ever lived without them. Where first phones were invented just to communicate with someone. However, everything changed in the modern era of high technology. Today's smartphones made our life easier, helping us immensely and contributing to building a smart world. We can never deny how much smartphone technology helped us but all of us are aware of the harm they cause in our life. That is why today, we are discussing the pros and cons of modern era mobile technology.


Pros of Mobile Phone Technology


  1. Made communication easy

    Where in the past calling someone was quite expensive and not everyone had a phone in their home. But things are quite different now than they used to be in the past. Now mobile phones are available at affordable prices and even outgoing calls cost much less now than they used to be in the past. You can talk to your friends, family, and acquaintances for hours without worrying about the bill. You can even make video calls to the people who you rarely get to see but who are close to you and you can even send voice messages if that person is unavailable to pick up the phone.


  1. Benefits in the Education Sector

    Now you don't need to go to school to attend classes. You can do it from the comfort of your home. These two last year proved how much significance a smartphone holds in our life. Without the smartphone, these last two years would have wasted your kid's schooling life. Kids were able to study from home and institutions were to teach them because we have a smartphone with us.


  1.  Social Media at our fingertips

    All of us love exploring different social media platforms out there like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and love posting our pictures and videos and get to see our friends through a different lens. Social Media makes it easier for us to pass the time when we are getting bored. We can just open social media and start scrolling through them and you won't be able to notice where the time has gone.


  1. Promote your Business

    In the past, advertisements were the way to go to promote your business. But that's not the case anymore. Smartphones and the internet gave us various platforms. Where we can promote the business through blogs and hire influencers on Instagram and Facebook to promote your product and services easily.


  1. The best source of entertainment

    where in the past TV was our only source of entertainment. Things are quite different now. When you are bored just open YouTube and there are millions of videos to keep you busy. You can watch OTT platform tv-series and movies on your phone. You can also use your phone to play various games on it. You can spend your time on the smartphone without noticing where the time has gone.


  1. Helps you in emergency cases

    When you see some criminal activities going around you or if you are in a dangerous situation you can easily call for help. If you run out of fuel and burst your tiers in the middle of nowhere. You can call a family member, friend, or mechanic.


  1. Work from home


Now you don't have to go out to look for work. When you can easily work from your home and write blogs, articles and make YouTube videos and can easily earn money from there.


  1. Internet at our fingertips

    Do you remember your visit to cyber cafes and how used to pay to use the computer and internet for an hour? But now you don't have to go anywhere, just open your smartphone and type anything into the Google search engine and you will get your desired results.


  1. Smartphone Cameras


Where we had to buy a separate camera to click pictures in the past and not everyone could afford them since they were expensive. But now your smartphone packs an amazing rear and front camera for you to click pictures and make videos and you don't have to wait for pictures, which was the case in the past.


  1. Online Payment

    You don't have to carry cash with you everywhere you go cause now you have the E-wallet and make easy transfers from your phone to the other person's phone instantly. No need to visit the banks and spend long hours there.


Cons of Mobile Phone Technology


Where there are thousands of benefits of having a phone in your pocket there are drawbacks to having a smartphone in your life. Let's discuss those drawbacks which are harmful to us.


  1. Can cause you Ear problems

    Since we are stuck to our smartphones 24/7 hours. Watching movies, tv-series, listening to songs with headphones. It can lead to severe damage to your ears if you always keep the volume up. This has been proven later in life that headphones can affect your hearing ability and you won't be able to listen to voices appropriately.


  1. Waste of our precious time

    We cannot deny how beneficial smartphones are, how they help us to study, do research, call people, etc.  But for the younger generation, it is doing more harm. For them, it is easy to become addicted to their phone and watch movies for long hours and listen to songs and play non-stop video games. It is not only wasting their time but also affects their studies since they spend more time doing fun stuff on the phone instead of studying. Once your kid is addicted to the phone and gets diagnosed with Nomophobia they won't be able to function without their phone and it will impact their health also.


  1. Increase in cybercrime and cyberbullying

    Cybercrimes are increasing every day. The young generation tries to blackmail their classmates by sending them malicious pictures and mailing them threats leading the other students to commit suicide. There are also lots of scammers that you can find on the internet who send links and stuff so they can extract money from your bank account. This leads to people getting scammed out of lakhs of rupees.


  1. Giving family and friends less time

    We are glued to our phones that we forget there is a world that exists around us. We stop caring about people around us and get involved with people that we don't even know. During every social event, we start avoiding people and just continue using our phones. It is heartbreaking for your family and friends to see you this way and how much distance that you are putting in the important relationship of your life.


  1. Cause of dangerous road accidents

    We are giving too much importance to our phones. Because we are using phones even when we are driving the car or motorbikes. I have seen lots of people calling, texting, and even scrolling through phones while they are driving. They forget how dangerous it can be for them or someone else who is on the road. Most of the time phones distract people and it takes only a second for an accident to happen. Lots of people lose their lives in road accidents and the phone is one of the causes of this. We need to start becoming responsible and stop using the phone while driving.


  1.  Health and Sleeping Problems

    When you are using your phone for long hours your eyes start swelling and your eyesight starts getting weaker with time. It also causes many cognitive issues and mood swings that are difficult to keep up with. You get Angry, Depressed for no reason. It also heightens your anxiety level and causes stress and tension. We can witness people using the phone throughout the night and it disturbs their sleep pattern and your body starts having a difficult time adjusting to it and in some cases, people get diagnosed with insomnia.


Final Verdict

Smartphones indeed came as both a blessing and a curse in our life. But we cannot blame technology; it is only there to help us in our time of need. It is completely up to us how we are utilizing it. We should be grateful for the blessing we got and start using it wisely.


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