Why is Instagram down?

Why is Instagram down

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Why is Instagram down

By quick mobile - 06 Jul 2022

The popular social media application that we keep on scrolling all day long that is Instagram is down for a few hours. Users have been restless since they have not been able to send messages or receive any DM. Instagram DM is not working for its users. Instagram never faces such a long buffer of servers going down. However, people have been reloading and re-logging into the application to make sure that nothing is wrong with your devices. When we will also uninstall and install the application again on the device to see if there was something wrong with the update.


Addressing the issue

Based on multiple reviews and user reports Instagram feed is not working across various social media platforms. Other social media platforms remain unaffected but along with Instagram, even  Facebook Messenger is experiencing a strange issue. The problem is stated that messages go missing to users as soon as they get sent. The trouble with the inbox has been going on for more than 12 hours yet there have been no solutions coming up by the company.

The issue was also recorded by DownDetector, an independent outage monitor, which noticed huge spikes for Instagram since last night. The Instagram issue appears to be experienced all across regions and has troubled users all over the world. DownDetector has also registered similar issues with Facebook Messenger.

Down detector claims that it registered complaints right after 8 PM on fifth July onwards. The complaint reports started to pick up around 11 PM and increased even more after 12. The situation was getting out of hand as people were enraged by the problem that Instagram was facing. The reports have again been touching the sky High tag today morning.

The Instagram problem is being looked after by the official team of Instagram. However, it might take a few hours to fix the problem. This might probably be a bug or system fixing which will be fixed by the Instagram update provided by the company. 


Other issues

People have been complaining about their Instagram messages disappearing once they get notified about any message. Many people do not even get notified about receiving a message but the message is showing as sent from the sender. However, switching off my mobile phone and switching it on will not fix this issue. Neither will the re-installing app help you in any way.

Many people have also said that only the messages and conversations part is creating the problem in their Instagram profiles. Other features such as the feed and story uploads or post uploads have been working perfectly well for the last few hours. It is expected that the issues will be fixed as complaints are increasing every hour of the day. This is probably a glitch which is reported while browsing the field and experienced by the user. As we know that Instagram is just another platform where hashtags go viral just in a few minutes, the #InstagramDown also started to come in the trending of the day.

Not only on Instagram but also on other platforms that as Twitter and Facebook or trending with the hashtag relating to Instagram. Instagram is still unable to figure out the cause of this issue. It has not promised any permanent fixation or timing that will be provided with the solution. However, they have mentioned that they have been working to fix the issue through and through.



Instagram is a globally used social media platform. Not only it is used for entertainment but it is also income source for money bloggers or personalities. Sooner or later it will be fixed but right now we will have to maintain the patience. However, we still have the support of other social media applications on the other side.

It has to be noted that this is not any  Instagram login issue but the server issue. It might take a while to be fixed but it can be expected to be fixed with the newest update that will be provided. This will not create any other problems as of now on the application. People can use their Instagram feed, reels and other features except for their direct messages section which is acting weirdly.  

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