What Is WIFI Calling and How Can You Use It?

What Is WIFI Calling and How Can You Use It

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What Is WIFI Calling and How Can You Use It

By Quick Mobile - 12 Jun 2022

This might have happened with you or any of your friends or relatives that you were not able to reach because of network issues. While you are trying to place a call yet unable to connect with them because you do not have a network provided on your Sim Card.


Wi-Fi  Calling is a technology where the user doesn’t have to be in-network off cellular services as it can happen only through the Wi-Fi.  So even if you do not have that Network on your mobile phone, you can be connected to other people via Wi-Fi if you have us have a strong Wi-Fi connection.

Many people might have not called about it but we need to know that it is the future of calling. Wi-Fi calling is the most listened in areas which do not have a regular cellular network. One can fix the Wi-Fi India home, office or anywhere need to have a network on your cellular Sim card or even recharge it. You can just connect to the Wi-Fi password. Wi-Fi has become so popular now that they are not only available in personal spaces or offices but also in malls Airports or railway stations.


How much does it cost Wi-Fi call?

The best part about WIFI calling is that it does not cost even one penny to you while making calls specifically. Of course, one has to avail of a Wi-Fi plan suitable according to the requirements or needs. But this Wi-Fi plan can be carried throughout for every activity want to carry out on the internet. You can also browse the internet or do other various activities with the same Wi-Fi plan that you can use to make calls. Various plans are available according to the price and the speed limit and the usage limit of Wi-Fi or the internet. Wi-Fi calling is a free service no matter where you want to place a call. When you place a call from your carrier or operating Sim card you might be charged differently if you are calling in your region or if you’re calling out in a roaming region. But with Wi-Fi calling everything is the same. You can call anyone and anywhere at any time just for free.


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How can you use Wi-Fi calling?

There are various platforms and applications that help you to use Wi-Fi calling. WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and FaceTime if you are an iOS user. Wi-Fi calling has many advantages as you do not have to pay any additional cost to avail of the service of calling. It will help you to make free calls and the quality of calls will not be degraded at any point. All you need is a strong Wi-Fi connection. You can also make internet calls why are your cellular data Sim card but then high usage will be done on your limited internet package. Also, if you do not have a network on your cellular Sim card you do not place normal calls and also internet calls. That is why the Wi-Fi category has been considered a whole new category.


How can you enable Wi-Fi calling on your mobile phone?

It is very simple to enable Wi-Fi calling on your device. Whether you have an iOS device or Android device you can still use Wi-Fi calling on any of them. You must simply go to the settings menu and search for Wi-Fi. If you have Wi-Fi at home you must connect to it by finding it in the Wi-Fi section of your mobile phone. Once you have connected to your Wi-Fi by entering the required password you are all good to go. You must download any of the applications that will allow you to call or place calls. But it is also important that the contact number that you are trying to call must be on that same platform to receive calls from you. For example, if you are trying to make a call to someone from the application of WhatsApp, the other person must be present on WhatsApp otherwise they will not receive any of your calls.


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Drawbacks of Wi-Fi calling

There are unlimited or infinite advantages of Wi-Fi calling. But there might be some drawbacks two. Wi-Fi calling me not be available in all regions across the world. Every country has their own set of rules and restrictions. Some countries restrict Wi-Fi calling based on audio and video calls to protect the privacy of their citizens. Also, there is a huge disadvantage that many experts have stated that Wi-Fi calling is a complete threat to human health. The radiation coming out of the Wi-Fi sending out signals for calling leads to many health problems and hazardous effects on our neuropsychiatric system.


What is the future of Wi-Fi calling?

The future of Wi-Fi calling seems to be very bright. We might remember the days when we have we had to pay a large amount of money just to place a call and also to receive calls. Our carrier or operator service-based plans were too expensive. Today, things have improved and the plan that is provided by the carrier and operator companies has also improved and so we get to enjoy almost free calls for the package we avail of. However, the internet is yet limited for the day or month based on what kind of package you have chosen. However, if you have Wi-Fi installed at your home or office then you do not have to worry about it. Most the Wi-Fi plans are with unlimited usage and provide exclusive fast Speed for browsing the internet or even making calls. a few years ago Wi-Fi is on installed only in commercial spaces where many people work. Today each house has a Wi-Fi installed which is clearly stating the future of Wi-Fi calling. Billions of users are present on WhatsApp which is an application for calling, texting, video calling and so on. With so many platforms coming up and featuring the calling aspect, we can predict that people are going to shift to Wi-Fi calling within just no time.

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