Different ways to know the battery percentage on your iPhone series

Different ways to know the battery percentage on your iPhone series

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Different ways to know the battery percentage on your iPhone series

By quick mobile - 03 Apr 2022

iPhone as well as other Android smartphones also display the percentage of battery mostly on the top taskbar of the smartphone. However, in iPhones find the battery percentage and the sign on the top right corner of the screen. There are numerous ways to know how much battery your iPhone has. Though, if you go to settings and switch the option of seeing the percentage of your battery every now and then. Another way is changing the settings wherein you will not be displayed any number of the battery percentage. although only the symbol of the battery will appear with the colour changing from red to green to yellow if the battery symbol gets red it is simply the time for you to charge your smartphone. When it turns green, it is usually you will be informed that your phone is charged up to 80% or higher. The simple turning yellow can be done by the user by switching on the low power mode to save on the battery.



• You can always verify the state of your battery from the Settings menu, followed by the Battery option.

• When your phone is new, your battery health rate will be a hundred percent, which will drop over the years as you continually use your smartphone.

• There are several ways to check the battery condition of your iPhone. The low power mode is something that can assist you on a daily basis to stress the battery a bit less.

• Low power mode helps reduce background activities such as downloads until iPhone continues to charge.


Swipe down the control centre

This is the simplest and most convenient way to show the percentage of the battery. So if you allowed the battery percentage to be displayed in numbers in the settings menu, it will still be displayed in the top right corner of your iPhone. Though it might differ for some apps or while your phone is charging. The user can still display the battery percentage of their

 iPhone by swiping the control centre and displaying the percentage of your battery.


Knowing your battery percentage through widgets

You can always customize this option of knowing your battery percentage through wickets. This battery percentage display widget can be added using the procedure mentioned below:-

The user must press and hold anywhere on the home screen till all icons and all apps begin shaking.

At the top left corner, the user must see a sign that represents the addition (+) Just tap on it. You will get multiple options for adding different types of widgets to your home screens such as your photos or any other files that you wish to display on your home screen. Here you will find the option which will indicate the batteries.  You can just click them and add your battery as the widget to your home screen. So that each time you use your phone, you will have this battery percentage displayed at any time.


It automatically appears while charging your iPhone

The iPhone users might know by now that when they plug in the charger to their iPhone there is automatically a pop-up notification kind of thing on the display which notify the user that the phone is now getting charged. It also displays the percentage of battery automatically on the display with a power or charge symbol. The user can see the percentage of battery regardless of the device they use to charge the iPhone.


Ask Siri about it

Siri has always been a best friend to an iPhone user. Since you can ask Siri about your iPhone and other topics. Siri is a virtual assistant function that can be appreciated by all iPhone users. Siri does answer the commands of the iPhone user if the option of Hey Siri is switched on from the settings menu. Siri can also be called out by long-pressing the power button or the assertive touch. The user may ask questions about the battery's health or the remaining battery percentage and any other details about their iPhone to Siri.


Third-party applications

Most probably this option might never be takeaways the iPhone has built-in systems to show battery levels. But there might be times when none of the above points is working in your favour may seem different, but yes, it may work for you. You can try downloading third-party applications that will help you find out the percentage of your battery. This can be done on your iPhone as well as any of the android mobile phones as applications relating to the battery percentage display are available on the play store as well as App Store.

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