How to contribute used mobiles to poor school children

How to contribute used mobiles to poor school children

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How to contribute used mobiles to poor school children

By quick mobile - 18 Mar 2022

Smartphones have become a significant part of our life’s functional values. The need for smartphone has become endless as it serves various purposes. However, it is quite unfortunate to see that not each individual who needs access to the smartphone has the access to it. we might certainly ignore this issue in the present but there are many ways that it could lead to bigger issues in the future.


There is no age by when it comes to the smartphone graph but yet it is hard to say that not everyone uses it the same way it has to be done. The digital learning and educating methods have definitely evolved life and the lives of children and the coming generations. The technology is advanced it is indeed necessary for the coming generations to know about technology more and more and switch to the digital methods of learning. Unfortunately, it is not possible for each and every child across the nation to be able to afford a smartphone for their study purposes or any other activities. Though, it certainly doesn’t change the fact that they really need access to smartphones and the internet to keep on continuing the process of learning and educating themselves.


Our old smartphones can be certainly of no use for us but they can help a child to have a brighter future. Right after we see that our new favorite mobile phone has launched in the market, we probably think of getting rid of our old mobile phone. After using it for years we totally lose its value at a point when we switch to another Smartphone. That is why most of the used mobile phones nearly end up in the garbage every time. What we do not realize is that these smartphones are made up of lithium batteries that constitute a real-life hazard if not disposed of or used properly. There are many circumstances where people have reported that they can even explode if not handled with care. Therefore, it is always advised that if one is not using their cell phones it must be used for a better Cause.


Here’s must consider donating your part in helping the poor school children get access to the technology: -


Technology is all around us each day. Studies have also shown that having access to technology helps children to learn how to multitask and interact more precisely.


There are Approx 472 million children in India today. Plenty of these children is still unable to go to school and do not get proper nutrition or healthcare. This results in vulnerability to abuse and exploitation of their life. In such situations, it is hardly possible to get access to proper technology and be able to afford a smartphone when there is a basic survival crisis.

Therefore, it is somewhere a responsibility to give a thought about these children and their needs keeping in mind the future of our nation and the coming generations.


  • The pandemic after effects


The pandemic has left each one of us some steps behind in our program. But there are many people out there who are even struggling to make their survive. In this case, the children of such families suffer and have to stop receiving education as all the schools and colleges have turned to digital mediums. The lectures and online classes are conducted via smartphones or laptops which is a huge problem for children of underprivileged families. Hence, deciding to donate your phone might not only be helpful for the child at the moment but also decide their future.


In short, the pandemic has led to the biggest ever global education emergency which might happen once in several generations. The long down all over the nation and all around the globe forced people to turn to digital methods. The virus might have restricted itself because of the social distancing norms but it has put down at least 91% of students and their future is addressed. The worst part is that the underprivileged and people who have less income analyze children are at the highest risk as they might never even receive the set of education they must in their age. This puts the future of a nation at risk. The government of a nation spends about 3% of the whole national lost income on education. no, only half the population has access to the internet and this creates another issue.



Here’s how you can donate your old mobile phones and reach out to give underprivileged children?


The internet is the door to all our questions and problems. We can easily find many websites

 and organizations that accept old mobile phones as a form of donation or charity. These organizations make sure that these all-mobile phones that you donate reach out to underprivileged children.


However, it might sometimes be difficult to reach out to these children might be a lengthy procedure. Also, many times your old mobile phone might not be in the condition that someone else will be able to use it. In such tuition, the best option that you can go for is to sell the used phone for cash.



Ways that selling old mobile phones help these children: -


Old mobile phone is worth more than you even think of it. Sometimes you might think that it has become completely outdated and is of no use. But it is highly possible that it has much more potential than you even realize. Your old smartphone may not be any important for you but by selling it you can definitely earn some amount which can be used against the underprivileged children and their technological resources.


With multiple websites online which will help you sell your old mobile phones, we have picked the best website for you. Quick Mobile is a website that will help you sell used mobile phones online.


Quick Mobile serves customers all across the nation and has been in the business for a while. This helps to get great exposure for your old mobile phone and becomes easy to cell phone online. With many other benefits that are added when you register with Quick Mobile, it becomes even more of an interesting process. Quick Mobile looks forward to providing maximum satisfaction and ease of the procedure while customers sell old mobile phones with the website.



The experts on board were professionally trained in this field and have immense knowledge regarding the technology sector will help to derive the accurate pricing of your old mobile phone. You will be also given a chance to place a quotation for your old mobile phone so that if you think your mobile phone deserves a certain amount you can simply mention it. other benefits that help the customers to operate all of this procedure right from wherever they are. Quick Mobile sell helps you with doorstep pick-up service and will help you locate around which stores that are nearby you. You do not even have to worry about which brand of mobile phone you are on or what model it is. Quick Mobile deals with the maximum number of foreign as well as Indian brands. So even if you are an android user or iOS user you can anytime contact Quick Mobile and move forward towards the goal of helping these children all across the nation.

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